Just the Tip First, Please

A game that any male who has entered the magical world of the squeaky voice and itchy mons pubis, among other things, is familiar with.  It seems oddly appropriate for this, my first blog post though.

So here I am eating boneless buffalo bites and downing mountain dew.  Writer training.  Sure some may say that coffee is the way to go, but when you work with 30 people that all have horrendous coffee spawned halitosis, it is tough to go that route without thinking of making out with all of them, even the bearded ones. *shudders* No good at all.   What should this blog accomplish?  Well hopefully it will get me to get better about opening up on a daily-ish basis about ideas and thoughts floating around in my head.  So that I have an outlet for them, and maybe even get some creative criticism/feedback.  Also, part of writer training.  And in case you are curious, not following any certain person, just stereotype.  That’s how you truly know what is true about a person, right? What stereotypes are associated with them?

On that note I have stopped bathing as regularly, got a desk, filled many coffee mugs with brown liquid(maybe the visual effect helps?), gone down to sleeping 2 hours a day, ignoring (bill) deadlines, not shaving and eating as much fast food as possible. Fat American author come on dooooown.

I wish I could say the sleeping was due only to the writer training, but I have a son that enjoys coming to my bed in the middle of the night and playing soccer with my kidneys.

My fascination of the day would have to be nature.  We just had some pretty good storms head through the midwest, even a few tornadoes, and I(being the enlightened genius that I am) found myself standing on the porch staring in awe at the swirling chaos that was the sky.  I wasn’t….lucky?.. enough to see a tornado up close, but there was still plenty of chaos, rain, and a smidgen of hail.  How can we as humans be arrogant enough to think that we could actually be in any sort of control of this planet?  I’m waiting for Gaia to finally get fed up with this experiment and wipe us out.  I figure she loves life though, and that would kind of go against her nature. I hope. On some days. Other days, well that faith in humanity just isn’t there.

I suppose that is enough rambling to start out with.  I hope to find some sort of groove to slip into as this goes on.  So that maybe I can have blogs that.. GASP.. have a point, so that they are worthy of comment. Well until then, see you all soon.

  1. I always imagined kissing somebody with coffee halitosis would be a lot like licking the bottom of the glass pot, you know, where all of the burnt leftovers and crusty caffeine has flourished like rancid coral.

    It is an interesting point, how long before Mother Earth breaks out the topical cream and applies a copious amount to the plague of polluters, wasters, and Canadians before people realize she isn’t a fury to be tempered? Just look at the shuttle bus that was thrown into the parking garage last night, I have no idea what that bus was doing but it pissed that tornado off.

    Here, Here! I toast my empty coffee mug at you sir and look forward to reading this little peephole into, what I think, is an beautifully chaotic and interesting mind.

    • Why I thank you kind sir. And put that way.. all of the crusty caffeine at the bottom hm we should mine that stuff. I mean has to be some pretty pure/potent stuff right? Maybe cut it with some of the awesomeness that comes out of Palin’s mouth. Could screw some people up good.

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