Feeling Accomplished

Isn’t it great to feel that way once in awhile?  If you can achieve that on a daily basis then hats off to you.  There are also different levels of achievement I feel, or at least different to each person.  Some only feel achieved when a big project at work is done, some when the spend time with a loved one, some when the loved one they spend time with is their self, some helping others.  There is really quite a plethora of ways to feel accomplished.

So why is it that so many of us don’t feel that?  Why do we always strive further and further for…… What? To become the superhero? I don’t know.  I do know that it feels amazing though.  Part of my problem is getting rid of the self doubt.  I enjoy doing many things, and I do many things well.  But I don’t do any one certain thing absolutely exceptionally well.  At least not in my eyes.  That is where there needs to be some give and take on my part.  I need to 1) decide what to focus on and 2) believe that I can do it as well as I think I can and then 3) If I’m not as good as wanted… TRY HARDER. To have a conceited moment, I pick things up fairly easily, and often times having to explain something more than twice to somebody leaves me fuming because of that.  So most things have been easy, but on the downside of that what have I really had to push for? I mean, I have a wife so obviously that takes a bit of work.  Answer to most problems is simply I’m sorry though, or admit I was wrong(an impossibility but I’m good at acting aha), or throw her down and make sweet sweet love.  Sometimes actually listening helps tho. I suppose.

So yeah. Striving, trying, going the distance.  My issues.  With so many things that come easily, if something is difficult oft times I just say ‘Meh, will try again later’ and then promptly forget it.  Self discipline is my name. On that path though, I have been putting more time into writing and developing ideas for stories.  Both alone and with a dear friend.

Writing feels great, especially when your mind and fingers work as one and not as opposing forces.  It is with this great feeling in my heart, and my weakness at finishing the stories, that I want to pursue this avenue.  I’ve always been good at throwing out random ideas.  Now the challenge is to take that to the next level.  Do the ‘How, When, Why, What, WTF and Oh fuck, how can that be’ questions.

Well. Now that you have listened to more than you probably felt absolutely necessary, how about a lighter subject.  Like.. boobs.  I believe that everybody can like, no, love boobs.  They make the world go ’round for everybody.  Good night folks and may you find what gives you the mental orgasms in life, and go for it.  Be selfish when needed.  You have to.  If you don’t make time for yourself, nobody will.


PS Another reason that wives win arguments

  1. I found myself on similar grounds not that long ago, except I am good at very little. However, there was one saving grace; I’m too damn stubborn to give up on things. I would take one avenue of fulfillment and drown myself in it to the point of lunacy. For me nothing ever seemed worth chasing unless it was hard. I was lucky enough to have had a rare moment of lucidity in the past where I realized that writing was the most beneficial and constructive outlet for myself.
    I agree, one must take time when needed to be a little selfish, not all of the time, but enough to maintain motivation, accomplishment, and contentment. We are all created equal in rights, but not in experiences or temperament. Each person finds happiness in different places. Finding one’s means of happiness is seemingly more rare and worth every ounce of consternation at each roadblock.

    Keep writing sir and may all of your hopes and wishes be fulfilled (I avoided that ancient Chinese curse here).

  2. I thank you again for your words, however I believe we both have an excess of certain emotions. You are far more humble than should be and I far more arrogant. But I appreciate the kindness

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