Everybody has one.  That is one of the important things to remember in creating characters I feel.  That just because you have written them one way, does not necessarily make them that way.  It can be oh so very easy to get lost in writing all the good things that your character is, but what about the things that aren’t so kindly?

We all wear these masks.  We all pretend to be something that we aren’t or something that we wish we could be.  So why should the characters in books not be the same?  I’m not saying that every character has to be so deep that you get echoes just by whispering their way, but they should at least have layers.  And no, NOT like an onion, fuck onions.  Have layers like a 12 layer Mexican bean dip.  An onion implies that sure, you have layers, but they are all the same dull bullshit, that makes others want to cry. You stink.  Instead, have some bean, some cheese and maybe just feel a little frisky and throw some mole(the sauce, not a chopped off piece of flesh ground up).  Good isn’t just to be good or evil just to be evil.  I know this has some of the same thoughts as a previous post, but I like to think that it is deeper ;).  Different inflection, and not just about eeeeevil. Just thoughts through my head. I want a character that has to learn to cope with many different problems in many different ways.  Sometimes you do have to have a two-dimensional character to move the story or at least to kill off but that should not be your main person.  In most cases anyway.

Dunno why  masks and illusions are on my mind.  Maybe pondering about mine, about who I am.  What do these masks really afford us?  What does learning to lie just enough to be convincing really do?  Or even if you can lie or act really well, why put on enough of a show to convince others that you can’t?  Are the games truly necessary?  People are interesting to say the least.  But enough on that.

So how about the Game of Thrones series that has been playing on HBO? It is fantaaaastic.  There are a few slight inconsistencies, but they have done an excellent job at adapting it I believe.  The book series is one of the better ones that I have ever read, especially in the complexity.  There are circles in circles.  Some characters you hate only to start to have grow on you and vice versa.  Other characters you love the hell out of and then the next thing you know their head is rolling.  Apparently a couple of guys enjoyed it so much that it was worth fighting over.  That is amazing. And also very hooshe.

Welp, bed time.  Need to make myself wake up at that butt-rape of dawn.  Yes, that is a technical term.


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