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As it should be

I wish that this were the case more often. I can’t tell you how badly it drives me up the wall to see this horrendous spelling now-a-days. Suppose that makes me sound old, but I’ll let it fly since I was told I’m getting old and balding earlier. However…. back in my day we spelled u with three letters, luv with four, and could even put a sentence together that made sense. Unfortunately, as amazing as technology is, it has utterly ruined us, most of us can’t even think of the answer to a simple question without having to Google it. And texting is super fast and awesome! Buuuut with trying to make it faster and faster our language loses more and more. Apparently it has even become difficult to distinguish ‘bored’ from ‘board’. Le heavy sigh. Well while I’m at it… ‘GET OFF MY LAWN YOU DAMN HOOLIGANS’

Lots of Wordly Errors

    • Brittany
    • April 30th, 2011

    ahaha, love this!

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