Poetry, The Hero, and Fortune Cookies

Hello all and welcome to the end of April. I happened to stumble across a good poem about writing. I know not everybody appreciates poetry, but I enjoy it, I love feeling the beat of the words as I read them. Sometimes it’s not always there, but when it is, it is like the difference of drinking soda from a glass bottle instead of a plastic one. It just tastes and feels so much better. Sometimes you can even get that in good novels as well, it is more felt in the pace set than the beat normally, but sometimes authors can fit both in there and you truly get submerged in a fantastic story. I feel that is part of why I like Patrick Rothfuss so much, everything flows together so smoothly like making love to a freshly shaven va-jay-jay is the new term for it I believe. SOooo HERE is the link to that poem, do give it a read.

Also, I just threw a really quick short story together. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Is just good feeling to start and finish something so quickly and then blog it. Just like digital cameras, instant reminiscing, except here, instant criticism. Or at least semi-instant since very few people read this yet. Either way, I expect it, at some point, to make me want to cry.

Sadly enough, I’m not sure why I wanted fortune cookies in here. Just took a short 230 words to make me forget. I did get one the other day though, and it told me that “A dark haired woman will soon give you a great gift” So, I’m looking forward to that. Hopefully it wasn’t the fight I had with my wife, not much great about that. Especially since both fell asleep putting our child to bed, not even any makeup sex. Laaaaame.

Oh, and best search term for my site yet, “freshly shaven mons pubis itchy” I’m not sure why that would bring people to my site, but not it has another reason to. Either way, use lotion, that’s your best bet once it is already there. To help prevent, well it takes time for your skin to get used to it. Use shaving cream(ultra moisturizing is the way I go) and a fairly new razor blade, go slow, and don’t wear tight fitting underwear.

Now for some randomness:

  1. “I know not everybody appreciates poetry[…]” The world’s biggest problem.

  2. The glowing codpiece is what really sets this video apart. It distinguishes this gentleman from any other as he accentuates his package while not obsessing about it much. Also the Taco Bell references adds +2 to awesome.

  3. Good points

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