Cartoons, Robots, 42, and the Zombie Apocalypse

Apocalypse.  It’s coming, right? I mean that is what all the great philosophers say.  And of course because the mayan decided that going a couple thousand years into the future was good for a bit, so you know, when their calender ends so doth we all.  Blah!

Suppose it does come though, what do you think will be the cause?  Zombies, robot uprising, our obesity catching up with us, nuclear war,  religious war, jesus actually popping to say hello, asteroid, planet x, or something altogether new?  I’m torn somewhere between robots and zombies.  Maybe we could have both?  Android zombies, with targeting systems attached to their brains.  There is no hiding from their heat/xray vision.  Talk about fucked.  Hmm.. yeah, trying to reanimate the dead with machines goes horribly wrong.  I could see it.  All because somebody thought they would be a great replacement for Mexicans in doing the jobs that Americans don’t want to do.  Because lets face it, illegal immigration happens on some extent because we allow it.  Sure there is a decent unemployment rate, but there are also people without jobs that look down on some jobs, thus giving way for the perfect easily replaceable worker, illegal immigrants.   Later to be followed by android zombies of course.

Man that would be freaky.  Would have a huge variety of them as well, ones with scythes that had been farmhands, some with sledgehammers or other large blunt tools, some fruit pickers, some politicians because they are zombies anyway, priests of a new church that believes the reanimated corpses are closer to god than any living being could be.  Sounds like some good ol’ brain eating child molesting fun.  Goddamn zombie priests.

I’ve got some other thoughts on how zombies could come about, but that’s for another time and another story. Dun Dun Duuuuuuun

42, well I don’t think I really need to say much else on that.  If you don’t know what 42 is then you fail at life. Haha, me so punny. Maybe. Don’t get it? Too bad for you.

Aaand Cartoons.  Well, I love them.  I’m a child at heart and will always be. Still rock the TMNT shirts.

PS nobody steal that zombie idea.  Or at least give me some money if you do.  I’m not too greedy, just 40% off gross profit.  You keep the 60.

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