Sex and Food

Two things that I thoroughly love, and both of which are also very important in building a good novel(well according to some at any rate).  Some say sex isn’t needed in a novel, but even if it is not explicitly there, it will always be implicit so why shy away from it? Either way,  love both things, but call me a purist I just don’t think that sex and food really belong together.

One first reason is just this; no finger food really is a good finger food.  To get what I mean, the first finger is adjective, the second a verb, eh eh?  I can’t think of any woman who would be down with a little under the jumper action if you had just finished off a plate of hot wings.  That hot sauce soaks into the cuticles good.  Same goes for many finger food: chips(seasonings), pretzels(salt), jew babies(just really a bit messy. oh and that is what we call a joke, bad taste or not).   Maybe some fruits would be ok in that situation, or chocolate, but chocolate is the exception to so many rules.  Chocolate is sex for most.

Now to get completely off subject, I really want the Deadpool movie to get underway.  And I want it done right.  Will say it in a pouty voice if that helps.  Needs to have Ryan Reynolds and it needs to be rated R and maybe 2 hours long just to get as much fun in as possible.

Sorry if this is jumbled, but gonna be short and crazy. Got a three year old who is extremely tired from missing his nap and in need of a whoooole lot of attention.

Until next time

    • Brittany
    • May 4th, 2011

    Chocolate is sex for fat asses.

  1. Well candy is technically food, but if there is one that that 90s one hit wonder Marcy’s Playground taught us, he can smell the sex and candy. Hunting for gummy bears, always a great time.

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