Things I’ve learned, RSS, and Comments

*Don’t start a haircut with clippers that aren’t fully charged, especially if you have somewhere to go right after.
*Don’t play hide and seek with a babysitter not interested in playing. Along with that I must also insist that you not hide in the dryer. This is absolutely imperitive if your babysitter smokes and she likes to go in the laundry room to start the dryer to make it seem like she is doing something. 
*Sometimes it is best to listen to friends when they say “Don’t watch this” especially if the title is along the lines of 1 guy 1 screwdriver.
*Don’t watch the three stooges with your three year old son, especially if your testicles are somewhat important to you.
*If a condom breaks, a sock is not equally as effective, also it doesn’t make your ladies vageen feel terribly well.
*Sometimes when somebody says that something is hot, it actually is.
*Playing with fire in the backyard during summer isn’t terribly smart.  Also if playing with fire and pouring items on it to catch fire as well, don’t pour rubber cement onto an open flame. It just might not pour fast enough.
*When married, 95% of fights can be avoided by simply saying “I’m sorry and it’s my fault” Although pride, defiance, and knowledge otherwise may often get in the way
*It takes a woman 7 years to heal up and be almost virginal. It takes a guy 7 days to go back to lasting as long as a virgin(although some are just blessed enough to always last that long aha)

Sooo yeaah, those are some things that readily come to mind at any rate.  Some other things I wanted to mention are that RSS feeds are great. There’s even a feed from my site *wink wink nudge nudge* I even RSS myself and get excited to read my own posts.  Depending on the frame of mind it can seem like somebody else wrote it.  Hope that’s not early dementia.  Another thing about the blog is that I’m hoping to attract a community of fellow readers and writers to share ideas with.  So essentially I’m lonely and have no friends.  I guess that what I’m saying is that if anything I say sparks any bit of interest let me know, let others know, let your mom know.  Definitely let her know.
Comments can be wonderful when people aren’t just being jackasses, although they can be wonderful as well; oh so fun to make fun of.

Off to enjoy the company of my wife, or at least let her touch me. Or even more likely let her read as I attempt to flush out my creative juices(writing, not bating)


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