Shit on a Shingle/Dirty Bastards

Well for firsties, just finished dinner, and it was indeed SOS, shit on a shingle, chipped beef, however you want to say it.  Was pretty delicious too, mainly because I cooked it of course.  Why yes, I can cook, and write, and wipe my own ass.

Now on to the Dirty Bastards segment of todays program.  They come in many flavors, but one that is currently annoying me is Matt Dean.  One of the author’s blogs that I regularly read is Neil Gaiman’s Journal.  I was perusing it yesterday when I came across his entry titled “The Opinions of a Pencil-necked Weasel-thief” in which ODB Dean took it upon himself to call Neil Gaiman a thief for accepting money for services rendered.  They paid him for a speech that he gave.  The best part about it was that Neil didn’t even keep any of the money for himself.  The only thing taken out that wasn’t for charity was his agent’s fee.  Other than that, he gave it all to charity.  Damn that scoundrel! Stealing money earned to give to those in need! Humph.

It is sad the lengths that people will go to to try and get their names out there.  That is about all that this stunt will get Mr. Dean I believe.  More people will hear his name, so that it will ring as recognizable if he tries to further his political career.  What he didn’t take into account was the fact that Neil Gaiman has a serious number of fans, and I would be willing to bet that Matt Dean has gotten a fair number of not so nice letters and emails from those fans.

Although he did apologize because his mommy made him, he still only half assed the apology and really only said sorry for the name calling, not the thievery.  Would be a fun exercise to run through his financials with a fine-tooth comb I  bet.  I’m sure being an honorable US politician that he is that all of his financials are completely legit, and that he would never ever do anything morally grey.

All in all I would have to say that the mindset of many people these days just appalls me.  Oh that person accidentally bumped into me…LAWSUIT! Working gets in the way of my life man…LIVE WITH PARENTS TIL I’M 30! An author that has busted his balls to get where he is, got the commission that was offered him, took it and then gave it all to charity…. YOU STUPID RICH PERSON THIEVING PENCIL NECKED PERSON, YOU SHOULD LEARN TO GIVE TO CHARITY!

Bleck. I’m tired. Night all.

    • NightAngel
    • May 6th, 2011

    Rich people are a bunch of boobs. Not the nice round firm but the old saggy kind.

    • Yeah, when they get to swinging, can be really dangerous. Have heard of them taking out eyes…

  1. Think powdered milk.

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