Mothers Day, Broken Families, and Death

Well its that special day of the year, well one of many anyway that we are supposed to think about the special person of the day.  So happy day to the mothers out there! Especially those that had to push out a baby over 8 pounds, high five to you.  So in that spirit I have a mother’s day poem for those who have a broken family with step-people in it.  Those situations are not always bad,  and in fact can turn out pretty great.   So here goes…

“You came into my life and although I’m glad,

It’s all because you were banging my dad.

So here it is, I want you to hear it true,

that although from your vagina I did not come,

I love and respect you,

And am glad to call you mum”

I mean I like the feel of that card.  Starts off a little silly but sends the message home, right?  The next big hallmark card in the making!

Tangent.. So I was working the other day and some ants decided that they were going to head on in and chill on a coworkers station.  She wasn’t all that pleased with the situation, and another coworker who is absolutely terrified of ants but worked 20 feet away was even less thrilled.  So I did the thing that I do, offered advice(I know being a smartass should really be there, but hey I can pretend) So I tried to help find some ant spray.  None at work.  So I tell them to get some cinnamon and put it in the ants’ path.  They laugh and say ‘What?! That will just make them thar critters come closer!’ So we got into a bit of an argument over whether I was lying to them or not.  Of course I won, but I was bothered with that.  Winning felt like losing because I felt more hoosier than they.  They who say ‘warsh'(wash), ‘erl'(oil), and ‘tarlet'(toilet) to name a few.  Sure accents don’t mean everything, but those are fairly strong country accents.  Not to mention I know most of them fairly well after 5 years, and know that they are indeed from the country. Harumph. I guess I will just have to accept it.  The tragic end of my city-ish facade.

Another thing that has crossed my mind in the light of many different bits ‘o news is death.  Death is never ending.  We will all always experience it at one time or another.  So why should we fear it?  I know a lot of it has to do with ending a life feeling unaccomplished, but I am willing to bet that even the person who lived to be 114 had a thing or two that they wished they could have done.  I dunno.  I don’t worry much about it at all.  My only worry would be that my son had a good situation to go into if something tragic were to happen.  Well at least as good as could be expected under the circumstances.  Once again, may never know.  Death doesn’t really affect me.  That may sound cold and callous, but the worst thing that happens afterwards is when you think ‘I wonder what so-and-so is up to..’ and then it hits. That random thought, that random pang there to bring you back to reality.  Some people you even forget what they looked like, but conversations you had are still crystal clear.  Some you forget everything but a face.  It is all fairly fascinating the ways that our minds piece information together, especially when knowing that there will be nothing more about said person added to it.

Hm. Either way something I’ve been thinking about.  Just rambling, maybe not even terribly cohesive, but I just drove for 3 hours after having ran all over and playing today, so I will allow myself to ramble.

One last thing. I need to get a story finished for the Writers of the Future contest.  I have 3 weeks, and am not terribly satisfied with any of the stories that I have that have any decent length to them.  Need to do some major work on them.  I know that I can keep submitting things, and maybe shouldn’t get hopes up too high since this will be first contest and I just decided to work towards it a week ago… but well I have high standards for myself.  So I either need to work on a story about a character who uses blood magic(which is part of a cooperation with a great friend and fellow author), a story about a really nice guy that wants to help people although the nature of how he is able to help people sets others on edge and makes them unwilling to accept help, or just a good ol zombie comedy. Decisions.

Well with that..

Rawr. Time for my son’s bed time, to watch Game of Thrones, and to do some mother effing writing.


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