In which I talk about Self Perception, Masturbation, and Star Wars

Sooo.. Been a few days. I fail. Or do I? Dun dun duuun. I have actually gotten a bit of writing done the past few nights on a short story that I would like to get to a happy place really quick.  Quicker than three virgins first time. Why three? Well why the hell not? Either way I’m having a bit of fun working with my character that practices Sanguimancy.  Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t know of a magic system that works in the same that that I have developed with a great friend.  To be honest, he has run further with the idea than I have.  I had the original thoughts on the story and he loved it so much he has already finished a story in the universe and is working on another.  I’ve only got parts of a story done for the main character that I am working on.  Have also worked on trying to develop the cultures  and the world that they are living in.  It is a version of ours, but not one that would be in any way recognizable from looks alone.  There will be things that remain, but also things that have changed drastically.

Blarg. Self perception. That is something that I find interesting.  It is one of the nature vs nurture type questions.  Why do people see themselves as they do?  It is definitely a mixture of the two I believe.  But the mixture is off in everybody.  What are your thoughts?  Do you think that people can see themselves as a good person if they have been told the opposite all their life?  What of those who have had a good life and still can’t see themselves as anything but something to walk on. Human nature, does it really exist? Does any of this make sense or am I just asking a bunch of random questions hoping it looks like I know something?

I had fun the other day picking my son up from the baby sitters house.  Her husband was home and we got on to the subject of Star Wars(or as my son is convinced that it is called Star Whores, a completely different movie I feel) and we sat there geeking out about different Star Wars novels and some of the cool things that happened in them.  I really enjoyed the recent 9-novel series called Legacy of the Force.  Some of it was a repeat of story that has happened in the past, but with a newish spin on it.  Other parts though, the ones focused around Boba Fett I enjoyed more.  They took him from just being the galaxy’s most badass bounty hunter and turned him into a man.  One that has taken on more than he should have and is having to face his mortality as his cloned parts break down.  I enjoyed that story line of his.

Sometimes when talking to people it can be frustrating when you just can’t seem to find the middle ground in the conversation.  Or even that no matter how much you try to explain yourself, you never get anywhere with them.  It is something that should have an easy end, and you even try to hold their hand and help them along, but the more you fail the more you both get frustrated.  Thus I have decided that situations like this shall now be referred to as ‘Trying to high five a person who has parkinsons’ Which go ahead and yell at me. It is insensitive but I firmly believe that we as a race are growing far far far faar too sensitive. It is annoying that we have to censor and watch everything that we say, make sure that it is sugar-coated and PC.  It makes me just want to scream FUCK to show that I can. Maybe that is bad and I should be more sensitive, or maybe I should stop worrying about pleasing everybody else and maybe just maybe we should try to find the sweet spot.   If one exists.  If not, then just get over it. They are just words.  They are only as evil as you make them in your head.

Also, just watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World for the umteenth time, and I was forced to recall how badly I want an 8 bit sword.  Why can’t that exist?

Oh. and I said I would talk about masturbation. Well. It is fun. There.

  1. How is that story coming along sir?

    My fence sitting sense tells me it is a combination of nature versus nurture. How an environment reacts will always affect one’s own self perception. If a person walks around stomping their feet, acting angry all of the time, they will be treated accordingly and thus grow some sort of reactionary discipline in parallel.
    On the other hand, how much of what we do is predisposition? We are still instinctual animals, albeit social instinctual animals, that act and behave a certain way for specific evolutionary reasons. Babies cry because they are hungry, that is pretty universal. Extrapolate that with a few years of living, social and environmental influences, and BOOM, we have a formulated and calculating person that is neither here nor there in terms of view point.
    In order to really understand, a person would have to become knowledgeable of their subconscious. Separate the emotions from the logic and discern their behavior from there.

    Of course, I could just be high.

    • Well each story is going decent. Am trying to focus on one involving Konief. Is still fairly short, just up to 3500 words.

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