Soo been doing some more writing. Whatever chance I get.  Finding my style more.  Realizing that I’m a gardener, even if a frustrated one.  I’ve not the patience to do the architecture thing.  I try. Oh I try, but it just never goes anywhere when I try to put points and plots out.  Little notes are ok, about characters, or certain things that I want to happen, but doing the whole thing in one fell swoop doesn’t work out.  Maybe I need to work on my foresight.  The only problem I’m finding with the gardening thing is that sometimes it takes me a bit to get any writing done, even if not distracted.    I get caught up playing scenes in my head, seeing how they would play out in a few different ways.

Thinking about writing styles and all that goes with it has gotten me thinking about the story that I’ve been working on with my broham.  I know there are many writer collaborations out there, but up until now I’ve never stopped to think about how that actually works.  Even in the stages of planning that him and I have done.  It has just been a… well.. I will write some of this, you write some of that and will meet somewhere in the middle.  I wonder what the best way to do it is.  Especially if you end up having different styles, or if your writing has different feels even. Do you both write the stories that you want and then have one or the other essentially re-write what had been previously written but in their tone?

Maybe you do it as some of the Star Wars series have done, have the books set up in a certain order, figure out where you want the story to go, have one person start the first book, and the other person start the second book, and pump them out like that in order.   I could see that working better for those with different styles, but at least one person would have to be an architect to help the process happen.  I can do that when prompted, I think.  Working with somebody else building a universe is much more fun than outlining it yourself.  Especially if it is 3 in the morning and you are on a mountain dew and cheetos high.  Hmmm I suppose this will be a conversation that we need to have. Good thing we are planning on a get together soon.  Pain in the ass trying to start a new career when you already have one going and a family to boot.

I thoroughly enjoy this though.  I like creating.  I like thinking that there are people enjoying things that I have created.  Hopefully making them think or at least putting a smile on their face.  I enjoy that more than many things, the instant that you see that smile spread from the eyes to the lips.  From that first twinkle to the end of the white glisten.  It can be phenomenal.  Not all smiles are the same and that is part of what makes it great.  What is a really fun/frustrating feeling is when you make a joke that they don’t get right away(the frustrating part comes in if they never get it and you have to explain, thus completely diffusing the situation and ruining what could have been a pure smile) but the idea takes root in their head and blossoms, becoming their own reason to smile.

Sadly this power can be used for great evil though, for I have on occasion been known to be a complete smartass or even sardonic asshole.  Those days I feel that the power has taken a selfish turn, because the only person that ends up truly smiling is myself.  Oh sure others will smile, buuut it isn’t quite the same as the other situation.

Either way, I must go, for Game of Thrones is on now.  Cheers my lovelies.

  1. Style – that elusive gnome that is always there when you aren’t looking, but disappears when you try and look. He is a sneaky little fucker, you chase him and chase him, knowing you are always just behind him then BAM, you realize hours and pages later he was in the prose all along. Sometimes you can only see him with your mind, not your eyes. At least that is what Russell from Gorillaz said.
    It sounds like you are on the path of spiritual and mental creamy goodness. Keep it up.

    • ccyager
    • May 16th, 2011

    “I enjoy that more than many things, the instant that you see that smile spread from the eyes to the lips.”

    Unfortunately for writers, we almost never see that. It can happen during public readings, or during critiquing in a writing group, but with the regular readers who buy the books and read them at home or on the bus or in the library? Unless of course you are planning to put in major time following your readers into their homes and watching them….(smile)

    I’ve not yet collaborated with another writer, although I have a project on the back burner where I am collaborating. I suspect it won’t go anywhere so ‘nuf said. What I’ve learned so far is that it’s important to take care of the business side first, i.e. discuss and put in writing stuff like how your names will appear on the cover, how you’ll split the money, and who does what with the actual writing. If you’re just playing around and having fun with no expectations for publication, then just have fun and don’t worry about the style issue or the business side.

    Good luck with your writing endeavors!

    • Yeah, the business could be interesting I suppose. We have known eachother long enough that I don’t think that will be an issue. Both would try to do their best to ensure the other got fair treatment. I think that is probably one of the most important things when you start a collaboration like that, you have to know the person really well. You can write up all the contracts you want, but that won’t guarantee that your idea will sprout much more than that simple bloom. We are more worried about the story so far though and working on defining the cultures of the people that use the different kinds of magic in our system. I hope that all is going well with your Perceval novels as well!

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