Life Lessons, Loving Deadpool, Hating Jesus

First off, let’s start off with what is first in what I typed up above what I am currently typing, which is sometimes referred to as a title. So it’s been a few days and as such, expect a fairly random entry, not that any other entry could claim to be anything other than random.  Surely at least one is pointed and stuff? Meh.

So. Life lesson of the day: Just because you give people nick-names does not mean that they are acceptable to use in any situation.  Example that may lead to it being a life lesson. Suppose you work with somebody, let’s call him Dennis and his last name begins with D as well, so there are lots of ‘D’ nick names “squared.d.d.d” “doublemint” and “the guy that smells pretty”.  Suppose for the sake of this story that you preferred the name ‘Big D’ because he is a boss and has D’s in his name.  This is all fine and dandy until the day that you share the bathroom together and say out loud ‘Hey there’s my Big D! How you doing man?” This situation may just end in at least one person feeling awkward.  Now if you were overweight and doing that, then probably both of you will feel that little bit of  non-comfortable-ness.

Neat, Right?

Speaking of the workplace, have you noticed the change in how things are rated?  For the longest time everybody worried if things were kid friendly, but now it seems to be that most everything is rated as safe or not for work.  I think maybe, just maybe we have become too connected.  People wonder why we are so desensitized to cursing, violence, and sex anymore, and this probably has something to do with that.  I am definitely not a good example, for I submerse myself in as much violence, sex, comedy, and cartoons as the next guy and am sometimes lucky enough to get all in one video, but I wonder if maybe it could be bad.  Or is it just breeding a bigger army?  If people have less of a fear of weapons, will they be more likely to join and use them? Random ramblings I suppose.  Along the thought of sex though, you ever have one of those days that you feel so pent up that you can’t see straight? Horrible days, but oddly a lot like needing to poop really bad.  Both have similar symptoms: increased sweatiness, an uncomfortable tension, glancing nervously towards the bathroom door hoping for nobody to go near it, and almost always occurs at the most inopportune time.  All you really want is one release or another, and it’s just not meant to be.

Deadpool.  I’ve mentioned him before.  I enjoy him. That is all really.  Could sit and read Deadpool comics all day, or at least until I ran out I suppose.  He makes me giggle. Like a school girl.

There was some pretty wicked weather this way recently as well.  Hopefully those in Joplin and Sedalia and all other Crazy-Ass-Weather midwest cities can recoup and get back on their feet.  Here is an interesting video of the tarnader dun forming over Joplin.

Hating Jesus.  That Mexican asshole lives above me.  He stomps and yells at his kids all the time.  Makes me feel for them.  Waking up at 2 in the morning to him screaming at them to ‘Shut the f-bomb up before I shut your damn mouth’ just doesn’t make me want to ask for a babysitting favor.  Sorry if that was a bit of a let-down, since it wasn’t about an Israeli Jew who was well hung. Well I’m off to try and write some.  Have had a horribly busy week and haven’t gotten much done recently, is leading to a whole other kind of being pent up.  So live long, prosper, and well hopefully I don’t neglect all my millions of readers for too long.


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