I need to stop with those horrible things named above.  I find myself constantly trying to write a coherent sentence but the shiny object over there grabs my attention.  Alas the beautifully formed sentence in my head is now cluttered with that shiny object, which in turn snowballs into other random noises and farts.  Well not always farts, but you know, it happens.  I once had the concentration and ability to zone all of this out.  This still happens on occasion, but it is slowly being beaten out of me by my child.  Normally any lack of response on my part to anything that he has said ends with immense ball and/or stomach pain for me.  Loud noises have started to make me a tad jumpy.

Hm. Well that was quick. Damn. I just said that about myself. I suppose I’m off to deal with the shame that is being premature.  Actually to shower and to try some uninterrupted writing while my son sleeps.  The only trick to that is once I get him to pass out finally, he has used up a reserve or two of my energy.  Well here’s to lots of caffeine and torture tactics to keep myself awake.

gute Nacht

Oh. But first. Because. Well. I have to at this point.

A Completely Unrelated Shiny Object! For lonely geeks everywhere…

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