Dutch Dandelion

Possibly the best new term I have come across in recent times.  I mean before this magic there was of course both the Dutch Rudder and Double Dutch Rudder.  And it is all thanks to THIS SITE (<- yeah. that’s a link)  So what is a Dutch Dandelion you might ask?  Well it is described on Urban Dictionary as thus:

“When a large group of men perform a circle dutch rudder with a single girl in the middle. From above, it looks like a flower getting pollinated by it’s own petals.”

This obviously got me thinking about Rammstein.  Seems right up their alley, starting with the cover of their first major album Herzeleid.  Well that’s really all that I have of interest currently.  Have done a little writing this weekend, but not as much as I would like.  Am battling the demon army that exists between my brain and my hands.  I know how and what I want to say, but those goddamned demons just keep killing the messenger, or at the very least maiming the poor bastard.  A few will never have children again. Sadness.

  1. Dutch Dandelion is a good one, I am partial to the cosby sweater and the space rocket myself.

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