The Savior Enigma (via Frank C Bishop)

Fantastic post by writer Frank Bishop. I would try and be all witty-like and say the same thing in my own words, but why when he has already done the work and I want so badly to sleep? So please enjoy his brain, but be careful for there be monsters.

The Savior Enigma One of the questions that I constantly mull over in my head is something I call The Savior Enigma. It can be taken in two forms; villainous justification or …..being a savior – I feel like I should have put something witty there, but I'm tired. Follow along with me as I open my skull and let you see the cacophony of screams and monsters noises that is my thought process. Careful, there is a monkey in a nightie throwing diamond crusted dinosaur … Read More

via Frank C Bishop

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