Supporting Children

First off, I’m not trying to do a feel good piece here.  Just a simple thing that I believe very much, and that is in supporting your child(ren).  Maybe it’s just me, but pushing your kid to do what they think they want to do may mean more to them than calling them a fucking idiot.  Not all of their ideas may be the smartest and they may not have thought them through all the way, but make your argument against said thing, and still do your best to support them.  You don’t have to agree with what they are doing, just simply be there for them.  And if said action blows up in their face, you get to slap the back of their head and say ‘Told you so!” I mean that is really a win-win, kid is happy for a time and then you get to be right anyways.

What brought this all up was a co-worker going on at length for a couple days as to how big of an idiot her son is.  I asked her why.  She says “Because he wants to join the army.”  I say “Well good for him”.  She says “No, and don’t say that or I will kick your ass too”.  After which I explain to her that theory on supporting your children.  She argued and tells me that I don’t know what I’m talking about and that she doesn’t trust the government.  I tell her that the government isn’t really what she should be so worried about, but that she should be trying to trust her son, and that if this is what he wants to do to support that.

To me, that support means more than anything.  I know there have been many times that I wanted to do something that seemed stupid, but I was set on doing said action.  Luckily enough for me  I learn from most of those, and also I have a friend that is of the same mindset.  As long as I think what I’m pursuing will make me at least a shade happier, they are there to give me that support.  And then when I fubar, they tell me “Hey, that was stupid.  Hopefully you learned something”.  And we all move on at least a fair bit more wise.

I suppose that this seems more critical to me simply because I enjoy the arts, and being of said enjoyment, not every parent/spouse finds that as an acceptable usage of time.  A lot of these will tell you that you are wasting your time, you have this small of a chance of ever succeeding, your cock is small, and you are ugly.  Ok. Maybe a slight exaggeration, unless you are trying for porn, in which case still relevant.  I think that lack of support is part of what has killed our movies, music, and some books even.  Sure there are still things being made, but 95% of it is crap.  It is all remakes and sparkly vampires.  There is really no creativity in that.

Sorry once again if that is a weak argument.  I’m tired.  And I know that this was supposed to be up yesterday, but instead I worked 15 hours.  So you know, I’m a bit tired and stuff. Mkay.  Sooo after you have read this try to imagine that I have said something just terribly insightful and meaningful.  That it makes you want to hug your child, call your dad, forgive your priest, and tell your mom you love her.  All while weeping of course.  Yeah.  If I could get that kind of response that would be super.  Good night.


    • Brittany
    • June 14th, 2011

    love thisss

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