So I’ve finally gotten a little bit more writing done.  It is by no means a huge amount, but it got a story a little bit more clear in my head.  Huzzah for the wife having a night out with co-workers.  I mean, sure, I love her and all but alone time can be greatly appreciated.

Along the lines of the marriage action, I was thinking about fighting with the wife and how no matter what, no matter the communication used(even if done in small words acting like children) the other person always feels that the other just did not understand what was being said by the other.  I’ve decided that this is because men and women understand the understanding of being understood differently.   How’s aboot that for a mouthful?  Essentially I suppose it is by no means a surprise to anybody that we definitely think differently.  Maybe I will just be thought of as an idiot for even saying this aloud(ish) but either way I’m typing it because this is my blog beeeeches.  So my epiphany if you will was that men understand it all intellectually while women understand it emotionally.  Both have a smack of the other bit in them, but on the whole men are emotionally dense, so understand the intellectual bits of the talk more.  And in my experience, most women focus more on the how something made them feel(with lots of examples) than going into the logic of the fight.  So when the argument is all said and done, and I’m being told that I don’t understand, well I don’t have that emotional depth that you do so obviously not.

That may seem sexist I suppose, but it is what I’ve noticed in my own personal encounters.  I have a story that has not been touched by me since January, but no real progress made on it in almost a year.  It is getting a little pissy with me, but I’ve been waiting for it to age.  Waiting for it to take better shape in my head.  Waiting for myself to be able to write more in it.  It is a story very close to me.  Well.  Bits of it.  Well I mean. It is all close to me, but that doesn’t mean I have lived it, maybe.  It is tough to explain.  I started writing it when going through a really difficult time.  I did not finish the story before that time passed on and for the most part resolved itself.  Unfortunately for me(well somewhat) I was not in the mindset I had been when starting  so the progress pretty well just came to an end.  I still very much wanted to finish the story for it taunts me so, knowing that it has full shape and form and ending just waiting to be put down.  But it scares me.  It scares me that I may have to put myself into that mindset forcibly, and that dark place worries me a bit.  On the other hand well, it may not be that hard.  At least getting there.  The getting back is another story.  I think I may have grown up enough to tackle it again though.  So we will see shortly.

For now, as the end of most blog posts it seems like, I must bid you adieu and PTFO so that I can arise with the sun and curse violently that I am doing so

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