What I’ve Been Up to and Broken Things

Always having to put multiple things in a title, what the hell man?  Can’t you just be succinct without the necessity of conjunctions?!

Well maybe. At times.  Either way, I’ve been up to not a whole lot.  Just been doing some reading and some researching for a story.  Worked on it a bit a night or two ago, and just a tad tonight.  Will be an interesting story for me to write methinks.  Doesn’t mean interesting for anybody else, but if I can do that then awesome!

Broken things.  Broken things interest me.  I love finding what is wrong with them and doing all that I can to fix them.  This had me thinking the other day.  Sure I don’t do it often enough I know, but well, stuff ok.  I got to thinking about that though and about how those who obsess about fixing other problems that aren’t necessarily theirs normally are broken themselves and trying to make up for what they can not seem to fix in themself.  Or at least they don’t know how to fix it.  Maybe that is more personal inflection than thinking, but either way I believe that it is a common enough occurrence to be justly called thinking.  Just worried for the welfare of others ha.

I know I’ve not updated much the past couple weeks, and this one is going to be short as well because well, life has been boring.  I’ve just been trying to keep up with the normal everyday wear and tear.  I’m going to do my best to try and get a damn story finished.  I wish it wasn’t such a fight to get to write.  That treasured alone time.  It just doesn’t seem to happen.  I think I’m going to try and sneak some in the next couple days.  Pull the ol ‘working late’ excuse but instead of doing something like banging a coworker I think I will write instead.  Seems more beneficial in the long run.  So yeah, vaya con dios and all that jazz.  I hope the summer has started out well for your.  It seems that this summer is all about equality, flooding north and fires south.  I’m lucky enough to be caught in the middle of that.  So best of luck to those effected!


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