Hells Bells I’m Lazy

So even though I haven’t posted anything in a few days to put it modestly, I have actually been somewhat busy.  Mainly work, some family stuff, some arguments, some time with child, and some stuff of the carnal nature.  Been starting to feel the itch to write again, which is amazing.  Have been battling this super awesomely long bout of depression, so feeling much of anything has been kind of tough.  No, I won’t whine and cry and say life is so horrible.  That’s not it at all.  It’s been something that has always been there on and off.  Lately it has just been more on.  Not gonna kill me, myself, or somebody important, not gonna cry and cut myself.  Mainly I just try to act like nothing has happened and put on a smile for everybody.  Healthy, right?  The tell-tale sign though is that I have accomplished nothing.  Not a damn thing.  There is actually another author who put up a great(relatively speaking) blog about his own battle with depression.  It can be found HERE.

His name is Scott Lynch and he has so far had 2 books published.  I have read and enjoyed both of them greatly.  They are The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies.  They are books that follow the shenanigans of one Locke Lamora and his *ahem* merry band of thieves.  Now add in a bunch of sex, blood, cursing, and awesome witticisms and you have yourself a damn good book or two.  I have had a few friends that I had read the books as well.  The best thing that I can deduce is that you will either love or hate them.  There isn’t a whole lot of middle ground.  The first book does jump back and forth in the timeline quite a bit, I thought that it did it smoothly but I have heard that it wasn’t smooth to a friend or two.  So as long as you can handle some time jumping and cursing, then read them.  Hell, read them anyways!  It’s like Robin Hood meets Kevin Smith.

Another great few things that Scott Lynch has just put up are a few Ebay auctions.  The links to the 3(so far) auctions are HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Now the first 2 auctions have been set up to raise money for Planned Parenthood.  There have been a lot of budget cuts that have made getting help for people a lot harder, so he is doing what he can for them.  The last auction is for another author who unexpectedly passed away on June 2.  His name was Joel Rosenberg and this auction is to help his family.

Wow.  Kind of went on and on about him.  Kind of man crush.  Maybe a little gay I guess.  Oh well.  Good causes and a great author if my opinion counts at all.  And to me, well. Mine is the only one that truly matters, right?  Damn, I at least play the arrogant card good.

SOOOOooooo….. The countdown continues, only 6 days until we can all Dance With Dragons courtesy of George R.R. Martin.  You ready to have your ball hair burnt off?  I know that I am.  And then not too long after that we have Ghost Story from Mr. Jim Butcher himself.

I can’t really tell you which one I am more excited for.  I have read the first four chapters of Ghost Story off of Butcher’s blog.  I have to say that I am curious as a mofo as to just how the hell Dresden is going to continue on.  I could wrap my head around it when I thought this was all just immediately after Dresden’s death.  But now we find out that it has been 6 months?! Shiiiiit.  His body dun rotten fool.  So I must say I really want to read that and find out.  I hope that it is of decent length and does justice to Changes.  I hope that we at least find out if Dresden is going to stay dead or not in this book.  As long as that is resolved I will be happy.

On the other hand, Dance With Dragons.  I have been yearning to find out more of Tyrion’s tale for some time now.  I haven’t been waiting nearly as long as some of the diehard fanboys, seeing as I finished the last book less than a year ago.  Also I know that Daenerys is getting ready to f*** some bastards up.  Ok. I hope that will happen.  After A Feast for Crows, I really really hope that some things happen.  I wont bash Feast like many others did, it was still a good book.  That can’t be taken away from it.  The problem with it being a good book however, is that all of the books leading up to it were either great or fantastic.  So people were expecting that, and Feast didn’t deliver quite the UMPH that the other books did.  There were definitely some good parts, but all in all, about 1/10 of what normally happens in a Martin book happened.

Tyrion though, he be my man.  I can not wait for his story.  So 6 days.  Woohooooo.  I even think that they did a pretty respectable job on turning Martin’s books into The Game of Thrones series.  There were inconsistencies, sure, but when compared to other adaptations like, oh, True Blood for example, I would have to say they were extremely moderate.  I still can’t believe how far off the deep end that show has gone.  It is beyond silly at this point.  I have read all but the latest of the Charlaine Harris books.  They are far superior to the farce that has become the show.  So. Yeah. Take that. Nyah! (That was me sticking my tongue out by the way)

Well shit.  I can’t really say that I feel like blabbing on much more.  There is a bit more going on in my head right now, but I need to do some more thinking and even some actual damn writing before I go there. So best to sort things out before it is just another random blurb.  But then again… this is my own damn blog so take it and like it.


Night all.

  1. I am about to shit golden goose eggs in excitement over Dance of Dragons and Ghost Story. Two series from two favorite authors in one month, cathartic nerdgasm!

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