Pulling Teeth, Robots, and Dragons

So, you are sitting there as per usual, you know the pose.  Naked mostly, as long as the thick layer of cheetos crumbs don’t count.  You have an agenda.  Something that you terribly want and/or need to do.  Something you may even enjoy doing and yet. You aren’t.  Why?  It is fucking annoying.  Something that you so enjoyed doing before, and now for whatever reason it seems it would be easier to pull one of your own teeth out than to accomplish it.  It doesn’t matter the activity, just the feeling I’m getting at.  Maybe it was writing, painting, riding bikes, kayaking, or even probably most frustratingly masturbating.  That would really suck if all you wanted to do was get off and no dice.

My problem is, what changed?  I suppose that is more rhetorical than actual question.  I think most people can figure out what changed, but it is frustrating nonetheless.  Sometimes people ‘grow up’ and focus too much time on working than their actual passion.  Sometimes they have a spouse/partner that is unwilling to give up the time they feel they should get instead of the alone time that is craved.  Sometimes you injure yourself and are unable to perform at the same level.    No matter what happens to you, it is the getting through that that matters.  If it is something you truly love to do, then you have to find a way to make it happen.  If it doesn’t, then you will slowly go insane.  Maybe not that extreme but at the least you will become greatly embittered to whatever has kept you from what you want to do.

You know, I should really probably work on outlining these posts.  Maybe trying for a coherent statement instead of just what works in my head, eh?  That would make far too much sense though, and make me too architect-y.  Whine whine whine.

Speaking of whining.  I got and have been reading A Dance With Dragons by good ol’ George R.R. Martin.  I have made it about half way through the book now and I must say, I’m still waiting for the nut punches that Martin is known for.  So far the book very much has the same feel as A Feast For Crows which may very well be what he was going for.  The only problem with that is that this book has been yearned after like a teenage boy’s first glimpse of nipple.  And now the glimpse has finally been revealed… and it was from the 65 year old woman down the street, when the wind caught her nightie.  Sure it was a nipple.  But not terribly exciting and there was a horrible amount of bush as that showed too.  I suppose for this metaphor, bush would have to be excess that doesn’t seem to fit or be needed.  Once again, I’m not bashing, I still think Martin is a great writer.  However, Tyrion getting down off of the horse to inspect the detail of this road that has lasted over 400 years just doesn’t seem relevant or in his character.

Potential spoilers, but not enough information to really be follows…..

There have been a few good nuggets of information that have appeared.  Have heard a little more about a possible origin of Jon, some more about the three-eyed crow, some of what led up to Davos being shortened by a head, and that Daenarys has become a whiny teenage bitch.  All the forward momentum she had going seems halted at this point.  If you have finished, and it changes, don’t bite my head off.  The Boltons are right bastards though.  I suppose that is all I have to say so far about it.  I really hope that the last half of the book blows the back half of my skull off.

ROBOTS! I was flipping through the channels, obviously making great use of a night off, when I happened upon a Robot Wars show on science.  It was actually the championship of this year.  I haven’t watched one of these shows in forever, it was fantastic.  I had such a nerd boner watching those robots tear eachother apart.  It was hosted by Grant Imahara(the asian from Mythbusters).  If you get a chance, give it a whirl.  Some of the forces that those robots were putting out were amazing.

Toodles for now my dearies.

  1. Big ups for robot wars, it has been a long time since I watched it too.

    I’m waiting waiting for the ADOD shoe to drop; hoping and waiting.

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