Not Sure

You ever see an idea that you just don’t know how to feel about?  It sucks.  Inevitably you end up thinking that it could definitely be cool.  Then it comes out, and sucks big ol’ floppy donkey balls or at least something in that general area.  One that I just saw involves my all-time favorite merc with a mouth.  Of course I speak of Deadpool.  All other mercs are only the zit puss on his ass.  So here it is…


So there it is. Evil Deadpool.  Although one post I read mentioned it as Foolkiller, I’m not sure about that considering the history of Foolkiller.  I mean the criminally insane part would fit I suppose.  If so, he needs to have found a special laser pistol that can incinerate peoples.  Apparently the story behind this is that a bunch of Deadpool’s limbs that have been hacked off over time get together to form a new Deadpool, much like a starfish kind of.  The only thing is is that apparently they have lost all semblance of having a conscience.  So I could see some super ultra happy killy-mckillerton time.  Deadpool has never gone full-on destructo mode.  There have been a few really good moments, but there were always limits to what he would do.  Ok, maybe not what, but at least to who he would do it to, normally.  So with that there, I think hell yeah, go ape shit! Kill some mo’fo’s Yeah! But then I think, it’s Marvel, which is owned by Disney now. So what could be a badass arc of awesomeness will instead be turned into a having to go to a ballet recital for a girl you are trying to score with because her daughter is in it, but it turns out when you leave that she is a crazy cat lady who is still in love with her baby daddy and you have no chance ever of getting off with her as you once hoped.  I guess I could just say it will kill your hopes faster than an unwanted baby on prom night.  I dunno.

So there’s that. Deadpool. My non-hero hero.

On the note of Deadpool, I must also do a quick ‘Seriously people, WTF?’ moment.  For looking at my search terms of what bring people to my page, one turns up more frequently than most.  That search term is ‘sex with deadpool’ or some variation thereof.  Now I have talked of sex on my blog, and I have talked of Deadpool on my blog at least once… but never together.  And I must say that it is a bit disturbing.  I can understand sex with many of the heroes, villains, mutants, robots, cripples, or even bald people of the comic universe.  Deadpool, I just don’t see.  Maybe it is for those who are into BDSM.  It makes me think of the box that Deadpool put Blind Al and Weasel in.  Lots of ways to get hurt.  But if that is your pleasure.. hmm..

And now… Something else.

Smiles.  I enjoy smiles most of the time.  A great smile with a gorgeous set of teeth behind it do wonders.  I can’t say they do as much for me as eyes, but they are fairly important as well.  I smile a lot.  It has become more of a reflex than anything.  I smile a lot. As I said.  This makes people feel more at ease around me I suspect.  Or at least I am a really nice, amicable, friendly type of guy.  The thing is though, that smile that I wear half the time is purely there for aesthetic purposes.  I have learned to hide oh so many things under a smile.  You could be telling me about how cute your cat was when it was barking like a dog until you looked at it, and it meowed and then came down to snuggle and act all innocent.  I am smiling and nodding and maybe even laughing, but underneath that I am thinking about punching your cat in the face.  So while a smile may make a person seem more friendly, you should probably question the quality of that friendship.  This is doubly so if the ‘smiler’ holds some sort of management position and you feel inclined to open up to them about some freaky shit.  They may giggle and say weird while you are there, and then be trying to get you fucking fired immediately thereafter.

So yeah. I can be a Bastard(yeah, with a capital B), but at least I look friendly while doing it?  The real killer is when you tell somebody straight up, when they say they don’t know who they can trust, and you tell them to trust nobody, not even you.  They giggle and think you are joking.  I look them straight in the eye and say, “I am an _________” that blank may be filled with a few choice words such as: asshole, bastard, dickhead, piece of shit, turd bucket, cunt, or even nice guy.  All are true to a degree depending on the day.

There you go, take everything I say with a grain of salt or shot of penicillin.  There are a few people that I am true to, and I would do all that I could for them.  Honestly.  There is no smile this time.  The people that I feel that much loyalty to could probably be counted on one hand, however.

Well I suppose that is enough in the way of self truths for right now.  What I really need to do is go put at least a 1000 words into writing  a story.  What would help even more is if it was on a story that I had previously started, and could bring it ever so closer to completion.  For whatever reason that completion just seems out of reach for most any story.  Starting a new idea.. Hell YEAH! Writing more into it.. SWEET! Realizing that I need to finish it.. Um… damn.  That is me problem. Hopefully I can get past it and come to completion.  I understand finishing is a fairly phenomenal feeling.







  1. What the fuck? I am seriously crying, inside and out……..

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