Thoughts on Life, Complimenting Women, and Captain America

OK. First things first.  I know I put other stuff in the title, but the excited geek in me must interject a quick addition.  Check out THIS SITE. It has some pretty sweet shirts, some fun, some original, some just really cool mesh-ups, like these two….

Game of Blades

Mandalorian Punisher


Maybe those shirts don’t do much for you, but it took quite a bit of self restraint to not just buy them outright.  I need to be a good boy and wait for money, if I can ever convince myself to pay $25 for a shirt.  May not seem like much, but considering I normally spend about $5 on shirts at Target when they go on clearance, it is a bit pricier.  So maybe one day I will buy them, but til then my geekboner will rage proudly.

Now then, to go in no semblance of the order that the title says, maybe just to stick with the geekiness a minute more, I went and saw Captain America over the weekend with my chitlin.  We both thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  It took him a minute to warm up to it, considering Captain America started out as Steve Rogers, and being 3, he wasn’t sure why it just didn’t start with Cap.  Once Cap appeared though, shit was real for the kid.  What made me happiest was the fact that it didn’t stick to the normal Marvel movie formula, where a 90 minute movie is 80 minutes of buildup and then 10 minutes of actual action.  There was about 20-25 minutes of intro and what-not, and the rest was pretty well straight action, followed up after the credits with The Avengers teaser.  All in all, it was definitely worth going to see.

Thoughts on life.  Nothing dramatic or life altering I suppose.  Was just thinking that we seem to go through life as a blind-person expected to make an extravagant quilt.  We picture it in our mind’s eye, but actually making it happen is a hell of a lot more difficult.  It doesn’t translate well to real world workings.  Not only that, there are the decisions that we have to make.  Do we cut this material from our life?  Do we just stitch something new over something torn/burned/ruined?  Should we stick with old and trusted material or opt for something new and exciting?  What pattern should we use for the stitching, because that stitchwork will be what holds the whole thing together.  What kind of quilt will it/should it be?  I don’t know if the should really fits anywhere.  Don’t know if any life SHOULD really be any one thing or the other.  I suppose that would be more opinion, but if it is in you mind’s eye it all is, isn’t it?  Like I said, nothing earth shattering, but it was a metaphor going through my head at work this morning, while I felt the pull of madness.

Complimenting women.  It is of my completely humble*coughbullshitcough* opinion that you can really only make one person happy a day.  I was told that is pessimistic.  But I didn’t say that I only try for that, just that realistically that is what you will probably achieve.  Be optimistic and try all that you want, but humans are a stubborn and fickle species.  In that one that you get a day, I never include complimenting a woman as a try.  This is because, they never truly take a man at his word/compliment.  See, you can have the most pure intentions when walking up to a female and telling her, “Hey, you look beautiful today.” Or even “I know you said screw the diet, but it really looks to me like you have lost some weight” or maybe something like “You got yourself a purty mouth, boy”.  Ok. Maybe not the last one, but it’s too late to go back now.  The thing is though, that after you say that line(Yes, even if you truly mean it) two things happen.  The outward thing that happens is normally something along the lines of “Aww thanks, you’re so sweet”.  While the inner line of dialogue is along the lines of “Oh, honey, you are such a naive bastard”.  It seems to be similar to when a child asks you, “Does God have feet?”  You are overwhelmed by the cuteness of it, but at the same time thinking to your own cynical self that the bastard doesn’t even exist, let alone have feet.  It also makes me think of an episode of How I Met Your Mother, best summed up by the preview of said episode.

Well, that’s about that.  Gonna go do some writing.  Actually did a bit of that over the weekend and think I have a short story/chapter of bigger story when I get there about done.  Some little tweaking to it and I shall call it happy mchappy pants.  Have since started a short story of my own take on this whole zombie business.  It is fairly light hearted, as any good zombie tale should be. Ha!

Night for now


    • Kimm
    • July 26th, 2011

    guys can’t compliment girls. because they’ve always got an ulterior motive. even if it doesn’t exist.

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