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So, since the other post about A Dance With Dragons, I have finished both it and the other book that I have been yearning for this year, Ghost Story by Jim Butcher.  I will start off by saying that both were good books, but compared to other books in their series respectively, they fall a little short.  I’ve been trying to decide if that is simply because of the books themselves, or if my yearning and/or the hype for the books had me setting a standard not easily achieved.  The only thing that keeps me from thinking that is the fact that both of those authors have achieved that numerous times in my opinion.

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A Dance With Dragons was Long, yes with a capitol L, which is not unheard of for Martin, but normally even though they are long his books still are full of completely relevant information or at least intriguing dialect, gruesome scenes, sex, or something that keeps your attention throughout the book.  Of the 39 hours that was the audio book, I felt that maybe 3 or so actually grabbed me and held my attention On Demand as it were.  There was just soooo much that seems(maybe only now until the next book comes out) to have been extra.  It felt like a lot more could have been accomplished with this book that what actually was.  I don’t really have a whole lot else to say about it, it would be spoilers to those that have yet to read it any way.  It seems though that Mr. Martin thoroughly enjoys punishing those of his characters that are trying to do some good.

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Now on to Ghost Story.  I went into this book fairly ecstatic.  I have had such blue balls over the condition of Dresden since a couple days after Changes had been released.  I even rode that high for about the first 1/3 of the book.  After that it kind of started slowing waaay down for a Butcher book.  I knew better than to expect something on par with Changes for this book, because quite simply there is no possible way to do that in a book right after your main character has been shot through the chest, at least none that I can think of.  So I was ready for a slow-ish book that would be like a new beginning, which is what I got.  The problem that I faced after that though, is the fact that the book had a whole lot of exposition.  The other problem is more of a personal one.  It felt like this book really only had one purpose, to teach Dresden patience, to not rush in to things, and to remember who he is.  The personal problem I have with that would be akin to a druggie watching a fellow druggie go through withdrawals.  He knows the pain, he can relate to it on some level, but has never had to fully submerge himself in it, so he doesn’t have a full appreciation of it.  So basically he finds it annoying, because here he is just trying to enjoy his high, and that bastard over there is shaking, sweating, vomiting, and overall just having a horribly shitty time of it.  So what would my drug be in this scenario? Impatience.  I am fantastically impatient.  I know it.  It has bitten me in the ass a few times.  It has however not ever cost me 6 months of my life, a whole species being wiped out, losing the possibility of a relationship with a decent woman, losing contact with your daughter, having to go through all the motions of being dead, or just throwing out a fireball at an annoying bad guy.  So for me, it was like that, here I am being impatient, having to watch another person learn to be patient.   I almost had to stick my fingers in my ears and go NYAH NYAH NYAH.  Other than that, the book did serve its purpose.  It made Dresden grow, and then dumped him unceremoniously back on his ass pretty well where Changes left off.  There were a few things that Father Forthill did that seemed out of character to me, but maybe Butcher did that on purpose to show how some people have had to change in the 6 months that Dresden has been ‘dead’.  Either way, yes it was a good book.  Just don’t compare it to Changes, they are in the same series but serve completely different purposes to it.

So of the two, I would have to say that I was more pleased with Ghost Story.  While it ground at my nerves at times, at least it was in Butcher’s mannerism and kept fairly short and sweet.  Book that I started earlier today was Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi.  So far, it is fun and lighthearted.  It is really short too and should have it finished by tomorrow evening.

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