Howdy Y’all

Soo. I’ve been aloof.  Gasp. Shock. Surprise.  And now I continue that stint for a few more hours.  However I will at least give you something shiny to look at, and maybe just maybe the pictures posted will have an insight into what has been in my head.  Then again, maybe I’m just posting random shit in the hopes that you will think I’m deep-ish.  Off to enjoy the day, but I has the intertrons working again so I will be back.  Probably with some lengthy wordy action too.  Need to go to a park and do some of that for reals today methinks.

Also writing in small jumbled sentences will hopefully make you have to reread a few times, thus making the post seem longer.

I bid you adieu for now. Until tonight. Probably. Hopefully. Maybe.





  1. Interesting pictures.

    So what have you been working on? Can you share a little bit of your work or at least direction you are going?

  2. Yes I can, and will

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