So I lied, What of it?

Yeah, I said I would post an actual post last night, but well.  Life happened.  Who was disappointed? Come now, raise your hands.  I was all up for writing, but well, being married sometimes you have to have discussions.  That was what last night ended up having to be.   Not really bad.  Maybe even good.  But it needed to be done either way.  It’s um… that c-word.. not cunt. uhh.. Oh right, communication.

So we communicated. It was grand-ish.  And now I communicate some more, with all your loving eyeballs.  SO hear goes.

On the note of couples, I will go ahead and revoke a man card, but there is a time that I enjoy shopping.  That time is when I’m alone.  No wife.  No child.  For starters it means that I can zone out and look at what interests me.  Mainly electronics.  Sometimes just staring at new pens.  But what I enjoy most of all, and yes go ahead and where the man card used to be, put an asshole card(are they different?), is going to the women’s clothing section.  I go there and I wander apparently aimlessly.  However I am seeking out couples.  I wander within earshot and busy myself looking at some piece of clothing or the other.  Then I wait.  Unless they aren’t talking.  But if talking, and actively shopping, I anticipate.  I wait for the question.  The one that all men loathe and dread.  I wait for the ‘How do I look in this?’ question.  I watch the man’s face.  The emotions that flicker across it.  Does he pretend not to hear?  Does he smile and say it will be wonderful? Should he be honest?  Then the face falls and he normally settles for “It’s fine, dear” or something along those lines.  Hoping this time that it will be accepted.  Hoping that he will get away with his opinion actually getting through.  That she will actually accept that he thinks that she looks good.  Of course this is only funny because I am not the one currently experiencing it.  I suppose I could be a bit of  a sadist.

So a few weeks back I bought my son a DSi.  He loves it immensely.  He has been playing lots of the Lego….. games.  He loved the hell out of Lego Star Whores for awhile(yes I mistyped but he mispronounces it, against all my efforts).  His current fave is Lego Batman though, so I have been playing the hell out of it for him.  He only wants me to play when he needs a new character and doesn’t want to have to acquire the credits himself.  It never fails that he wants a character that costs, oh 800K credits.  So I play for a bit and get him 200-300K and then stop for a bit.  He finds his DSi and says ‘MONEY!’ and goes and buys lots of other lower priced characters.  They fail to sate his need though, and he begs for the expensive character.  I now have 1580 credits to spend towards that character.  The cycle repeats.

BOOKS.  There’s a novel idea muahaha.  I’ve been currently reading The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan.  I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying it so far.  I was trying to describe it to a friend and had settled on Dracula meets Dexter.  I think I will stand by that.  I had read some reviews of people complaining about the vulgarity and violence of the book.  I am a little over halfway through, and while I can agree with the vulgarity I just don’t see the horrible violence.  I would have to say that I don’t even have a problem with the vulgarity though.  The only fairly graphic scene of violence so far I felt was needed.  It set the tone of who and why the main character is who/how he is.  The only one problem that I have with the book so far is that the flashbacks can be hard to follow at times.  Not the actual story of the flashback, but more along the lines of one sentence you are in current time and the next it is flashback.  So if you are ok with F-bombs, sex, werewolves, vampires, violence, and a fair amount of witty retort(even some hating on the French so how can you say no?!) then do pick it up and read.

WRITING.  Well.  I wish there was more to say on the subject.  I have a short short story that could use a bit of tweaking but other than that is fairly well done.  I have another story that I started on and have gotten a few thousand words into, it is fun and lighthearted.  The zombie story I had mentioned before.  It has been easier to write it, when I am able to write.  I need to find more time alone to do this writing though.  That would make things amazing.  That is really the only reason that I can’t get more done. Time.  The writing itself is getting easier.  The time to do it is getting harder.  A son who is growing and demanding more attention.  A job that has(up until the last week) been really busy.  And a marriage that has been well strained.  These things do not lead to great amounts of alone time.  Work has slowed.  Have been working on things with the wife.  However, I will still be spending a lot of time with the child.   But, all things considered, I should be able to squeeze at least a few hours extra for the next few weeks.  Then maybe once is starts to become habit….. Possible mental orgasms?  I sure hope so.

One last thing.  I came across this the other night and thought that it was pretty damn sweet.  Hopefully you do as well.  I am off for the night to watch an episode of Firefly, do some writing, do some sleeping, and then work.  Those are about standard.  Take care and stay shiny.


  1. Yahtzee. Glad I’m not the only person watcher/listener around these parts.

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