I giggled

So I’m sure this picture is old.  However, I just saw it.  It made me laugh.  So now I will make you see it too. Bwahaha.  Also probably means I have issues somewhere.

Well there’s that.  I swear I had more to put up.  Must be too early.  Haven’t had breakfast and tea yet.  Saw an article about how crazy (to me) Michele Bachmann seems.  She apparently believes(ed because of how politicians change their beliefs daily) that our current education system was going to lead to another holocaust.  Claiming that we were not following our “christian” founding documents and instead had a new “secular” curriculum in place that was gong to make us not Americans, but part of a global society and that is just horrible.  What is so wrong with a global society?  Imagine how much further we could get solving problems if we weren’t bickering all the time.  Sharing knowledge and developments.  More people improving upon ideas.  I don’t know.  Seems pretty decent to me.

I dunno.  Maybe I will try to type more later.  Maybe I will try to be coherent.  That seems kind of weird though.  Have a great day though!

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