Guess Who….

Has two thumbs and just got a 1st edition hardcover of  The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.  Yeah.  This guy.  Better yet, guess who just got it for 8 dollars.  Yeah.  Still me.  I almost got hard right there in the middle of the book store.  It is a new place that just opened today.  It took the place of where Borders was at our mall.  I was wandering through it, scoping out all that they had to offer and was fairly happy with the offerings when I came to the R’s.  There stood the Rothfuss books.  And right there, a hardcover.  A hardcover with the “Fabio” cover(you know what I mean if you are any sort of Rothfuss fan) so it immediately caught my eye.  I opened it to the Copyright page and BOOM 1st edition.  It made me almost as excited and happy as a new set of boobs that I haven’t seen before.   Probably more excited because I know what I’m going to get, and it is fantastic.  Sometimes new boobs don’t live up to the hype.  Sure they are boobs which are great.. but sometimes they just don’t end up how you pictured in your mind.  This book does.  Here is the “Fabio” cover for those uninformed…

So that is MY excitement for the day.  I also grabbed a few other books while I was there.  Two of them I have read already, but wanted the wife to read.  The other was one that I have had on my ‘To Be Read When His Gentlemanship Has Time’ list.  The first two are John Scalzi books:  The Androids Dream and Old Man’s War.  I have read both of them within the last year and thoroughly enjoyed both.  Old Man’s War is a great book for those who enjoy Sci-Fi action types but it also makes you think a bit.  The Android’s Dream is just all over the place.  I mean that in as good of a way as I can.  I enjoyed it.  I would say that it continues the spirit of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide books.  Not necessarily  the writing style itself, but definitely the feel.  There is a story to be had by the book, but he is going to make sure to give you plenty of distractions, laughs, and interesting characters along the way.  They are both really quick reads as well.  Damn.  I should review books for a living, you couldn’t get a more concise review from a British gent.

The last book that I picked up is Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I have meant to read this one for awhile.  I know I know, there are already 2 other books that follow it.  That should be it though.  Trilogy is what they are supposed to be I believe.  Knocking out a trilogy is no big deal.  I know that these books are put in the YA section, which is what makes me somewhat hesitant.  I have gotten sucked into reading some of the other YA series and haven’t always had the best of experiences.  On the other hand, I have heard from 2 or 3 other people(whose opinion I can trust as far as books go) that tell me they are fantastic.  So I’ve battled with reading it.  Ok, maybe not with the reading itself, but for sure the priority.  When you have a reading list that grows by 3 for every 1 that you finish, some things will get pushed around.  Now I have a physical copy though, so maybe something will happen.  Although that hasn’t helped some other books chances.  There just isn’t enough time in the day.

Also I watched the movie Paul tonight.  Geeks everywhere should watch it.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Nothing really deep or anything, but a good ride nonetheless.

Not a whole lot else going on today.  Just played a lot of Lego Batman with my son.  He loves the piss out of the Lego games.  I’m not sure exactly what does it for him, if it is the switching out characters on free play, unlocking and buying of characters, or just the fact that 80% of the environment is destroyable.  Either way, they are fun quick games.


So that’s my blog for the after midnight hours.  At times I stop to think about why I started this blog.  Then I tell myself to shut up.  Sometimes there is smacking involved.  There doesn’t have to be a reason to have it, other than to get randomness out of my head.  If I trip into something deep, cool.  Other than that, it is very much just a stream of thought writing.  Although I suppose I could start throwing some How To’s or something along those lines in.  Impart some of the knowledge I have accumulated on various subjects.  Not a lot of knowledge mind you, but some.  I suppose we will see.  Setting goals can be fun.  Although sometimes the fun is just seeing how fast you fly by them without stopping to remember.  Either way.  Good night to my 1 reader.

  1. I bet that book cover has tricked spinsters into thinking it is something it isn’t. That is either a fantastic marketing plot or a glorious error by design. Either way, I know it is worth a pretty penny and carries some weight within the book collecting community.

    Kudos, fucker.

    I’d really like to get my hands on an original copy of Snow,Glass,Apples by Neil Gaiman. The rare leather bound cover is worth a small child’s weight in gold.

  2. i am so jealous!!! arrghh, and for $8?? i had the opportunity to get a 1st edition Wise Man’s Fear, but my cheapass self wouldn’t put out the $35.

    • Yeah. Pretty stoked. Have first editions of both. Wise Man’s Fear is signed already along with paperback copy of Name of the Wind. Can’t wait for him to come near the midwest again. Was a fantastic time. Mainly I wish more authors would come this way. More than anything that is why I want to move to one of the coasts.

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