So, I’ve taken a bit of time today and have been actually doing an outline/flow chart/random crap on a page for one of the stories that I’ve been playing with.  See, I am an impatient person so at times I just want to jump right in to doing something and expect to still have the same results of if I had thought the action through previously.  Mostly what this has gotten me is lots of good ideas that have no follow through.  That or the follow through starts, but ends up with an introduction and a little bit after.  I have the beginning.  I know where I want it to end.  The filler kills.  Part of where I lose a lot of my previous writing is a bad habit.  I always re-read what I had previously written.  I can’t just leave it alone though, and end up editing it a lot.  Then I continue from there for a few hundred or thousand words.  Then I stop, and repeat the next time I write.  Delete/modify a lot and carry on.  I need to stop that.  I have told myself numerous times that I’m going to but we see how far that has gotten.

But I started to lay things out and do some good in depth thinking before hand and also did a bit of reading into previous Zombie Comedies.  Mainly to make sure that my fun twist on what is the Zombie story has not been done before.  Luckily I didn’t see anything yet that resembled it.  Well, at least not in entirety.  There are pieces here and there.  During the process of reading/researching the Zombie ‘culture and lore’ I found that Peter Jackson had done a Zomedy when I was all of 6 years old.  I’m thinking that I have to watch it.  It looks very Evil Dead-ish.  B-rated and extremely over the top.  Otherwise known as awesome(normally).  So here is a scene from it found at ye olde youtube.  Have any of you watched this movie?  It is called, depending on where you live, either BrainDead or Dead Alive.  That is really all that I’ve got for right now.  Going to go continue progress.  If you have any good Zombie Comedies let me know be they book, movie, comic, anything!  Thanks! And now without further ado……

  1. I love a good portmanteau.

  2. I do believe that is one of the bloodiest movies I have ever seen (even partially.) May even beat Kill Bill. That’s saying something. Something like, “OMG! Enough blood already!!” 😛

  3. Zombie kill of the week.

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