Because we need randomness (via Frank C Bishop)

For seabeegirl because I said I would re-find that. I tried email first. I was wrong. So I went to the source. And now after browsing all of his posts for the last 10 minutes I give you…. another cool video that was cheaply made. Do enjoy! Also, thank Frank.

Because we need randomness This is an awesome video. An anime fan filmed some fight scenes and interactions with some cosplay geeks and made one sweet video. What is sad is that this is more accurate and better edited with CGI than half of the crap Hollywood flushes out. Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Watch this buddy comedy mash-up of Bronn and Tyrion.  Click HERE to see the video.       So where have I been? Well… for the past days I have been busy. D … Read More

via Frank C Bishop

  1. If i wasn’t a forgetful asshole, I would have remembered to send this to you. Sorry.

  2. Thanks! Another great video! At the risk of sounding like an old fart, “The things kids can do these days!” 😛

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