Happy Labor day to all!  Hope that yours was as nice as mine has been.  Low 70’s, sun shining, breezy, getting paid not to work.  Can’t ask for a much better day!  Basic rundown of mine.  Woke up.  Fell back asleep.  Woke up again.  Fell back asleep.  Woke up once more. And back asleep.  Woke up for good thanks to the help of my child.  Played a bunch of video games.  Played outside.  Made chicken enchiladas. Did a bit of reading.  Doing a bit of writing now.  Well now and then now as in later.  Or something along those lines.

It being labor day and all, I got to thinking about… well.. labor.  The work kind, not the pushing a 5-18 pound thing out of your vagina kind.  Although that is work too I’m sure.  With life altering consequences even.  So thinking about working on labor day, I made the logical leap to what a good chunk of us were doing today, and that is in fact NOT working.  A bit ironic that I suppose.  Like losing your virginity on abstinence day.  Well really the exact opposite of that but I guess I’m splitting hairs.  After that leap, I got to thinking about this article I was reading the other day written by Dominic Tierney for The Atlantic.  Here is a snippet from that article:

Americans have a national ideology, and it’s called liberalism. This doesn’t mean we are left-wing, it means we believe in a set of principles rooted in the ideas of John Locke: democracy, limited government, republicanism, self-determination, the rule of law, equal opportunity, and free expression. To be American is not to claim a particular ethnicity, but to profess the liberal creed. The Declaration of Independence set out a promise of human rights and equality that many Americans assume is universally desired, and serves to unleash the potential of the human spirit.

For sure, we argue, sometimes violently, over the meaning of liberal principles and how to promote them. But remarkably few Americans question the basic assumptions. We are indoctrinated so profoundly that we don’t even realize we are ideologues. Liberalism just seems like the natural order of things.

Imagine a room full of Communists who are furiously debating the meaning of Marxist ideas. Shouting and screaming, the Communists would see themselves as deeply divided. But to an outsider, things might look very different: This is a room full of ideologues who all share the same basic view of the world.

With thinking about the not working for the day and that article I got to thinking about those who got shafted into having to work on Labor Day.  There is a decent list of them, and those of us who don’t have to work often times rub their noses in it not stopping to think that they are currently cooking the meal we are out eating right now.  Maybe a little fucking respect would be due?  One of the groups that has to work that does more than most while also making not that much to do it are the public servants: cops, firefighters, paramedics.  The main group I was focusing on were the officers though.  What if they got the day off just like the majority of us?  One day with the possibility of potentially no repercussions for doing whatever you wanted to do.  Nobody to enforce the laws put in front of us.  What would happen?  What do you think?

Personally I think that 98% of people would do nothing outside the norm.  They may speed a little bit more than they would normally, they may jaywalk, maybe illegally download more media, maybe engage in prostitution where it is not legal.  Little crimes like that.  Where the only person that really benefits is you, and there isn’t anybody that is harmed by your actions.  Unless you are particularly well-endowed I suppose.  I think very few people would actually take as full advantage of it as they could.  Part because it would only give them a few hours head start on the pursuit that would start the next day.  The other part because of that article.  Because of how ‘ideologically untied’ we are.  It is ingrained into most of us from the time we are small to do the right thing.  Some because of their religion, some simply because it is what we should do.  I could be wrong but I know that I would essentially act the same for that day.  A lot of it is simply because I don’t want to cause extra problems for those that I don’t know.  I wouldn’t want people screwing with my shizzle, why would I mess with theirs?  Unless their dog craps on my yard all the time;  if that is you then all bets are off.

So my janky philosophy of the…. year?  Who knows.  Guess we will see how much I feel like thinking.

I was at the gym earlier and used locker #99.  In my head I started thinking 99 lockers and my clothes in one.  Obviously to the Jay Z tune of.. 99 problems.  Do you think that song could have actually been the gay anthem of 2004?  Seemed like it would fit to me.  If you do have 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one?  You would either be single or gay I would think.  Sorry if this offends, but well, thoughts eh?  This does of course mean I in no way officially support all women being called bitches.  There are definite sweethearts out there. (Suck Up +20 points, now level 13)

Another bit of randomness.  George Carlin is dead.  Yeah.  I know that is old news.  I will always be much much more sad that Carlin died than Michael Jackson.  Carlin was amazing.  On that note there is a petition going around to get the 500 block of West 121 st where Carlin grew up to be renamed after him.  If you are interested…. HERE is the link to the petition.  Sign it. Or Don’t.

I also saw a good reminder for those who move things for friends in your truck.  It is a lesson that I learned when I was 17ish.  I wasn’t helping a friend, but instead was purchasing my first queen-sized bed.  I bought it about 30 minutes from home.  Went to pick it up, and used some cheap bungees to strap it down.  Once I hit 60 MPH the box springs went flying and bounced into the median of the road.  The bungee had snapped.  Oh snap!  So then drove with my hand out the back window holding the bed in place until I could get to Lowe’s and get actual good tie-down straps to make it all better.

What I saw today was worse than my folly, and from a few middle-aged men who should know better.  They had a queen bed and box springs in the back of their truck with a few other items, so that the bed was not even laying down flat.  They were going about 50MPH down the road, I was right behind them, it is as I said a very windy lovely day.  The wind caught the mattress and just chucked it out the back of the truck.  The mattress did a few somersaults until bouncing over the guard rail and sliding down a 10 foot ditch at a roughly 45 degree angle.  Sucks for them.  So when moving stuff. Tie it down.   A friendly reminder from your neighborhood geekdad

One last bit o’ news.  Germany can has Doom!  The government finally lifted the 17 year old ban on the game.  It is no longer as harmful to kids as pornography! Yay German kids for getting to be where we have been for a good long while now!


Take care kids!


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