A few WTF’s and Sunshine

Just a few quick things before starting my chitlin’s bedtime.  Yeah.  I said chitlin.

First WTF:  It isn’t really a big deal, but I was in the toy aisle with previously mentioned chitlin and we were looking at the Legos.  He had spotted the Spongebob Legos and decided that he MUST have them(I disappointed, my feet have enough scars).  However, I was looking at the names on the boxes and all of the character names were there in French under their English names.  Most of the characters had fairly normal names, or at least good translations,  Patrick is Patrico, Spongebob is Bob esponja(spelling could be off, fail for me, tis but from memory), gary is gary le escargot etc.  Squidward is Carlo.  Carlo.  Why?  It makes no sense.  He doesn’t have a creepy accent and a mustache.  Bah at the French!

Second WTF:  What is up with trying to be nice to somebody, let’s say for example a 55 year old man carrying his fast food tray and many other things all at the same time.  His drink cup is on the tray.  He tries to walk away with it and fails horribly, sending the sprite toppling over his fries.  He is at a loss for what to do since his hands are occupied.  I offered to help him and pick up his soda for him.  Or get some napkins.  Or really anything to help.  I was met with a fierce glare and told that he has it leave him be.  This was but one time, sure, but it happens all the time.  It can’t even just be blamed on the younger generation because I am met with hostility from all kinds of people when I’m simply trying to help.  Mainly I just want to know what happened to common courtesy?  Why can’t I hold the door open for some people without them acting like I have an ulterior motive to check out their ass(or whatever the case may be, not sure as to why really….) Meh.  Whatevs.  I’m cool.  I’m calm. I’m over it(bawling in the fetal position in the corner and screaming “I just want to be niiiiiiiiice waaaah.”  While seemingly tragic, the waaaaah comes out as though from Lucy’s mouth and all tragedy is thus turned to comedy.  And he continues to cry)

Or something.

Third WTF:  Why the hell can’t George Lucas just leave the movies alone?  I am a Star Wars geek.  Ok…. I am a general geek.  I geek over many random topics, but Star Wars is one of them.  It is getting ready to be re-re-re-re-re-rereleased but this time on Blu-Ray. Ooooooo Aaaaaaaah.  But instead of just releasing it they have to add all sorts of extra crap.  Jabba has a massive fortress door.  Vader Screams “NOooooooo” as he throws the Emperor down the hole.  Lots of extra TIE Fighters at the end of ROTJ.  Blinking Ewoks.  More rocks hiding R2-D2 from the Jawas.  The list goes on and on.  I find all of this to be largely unnecessary.  Especially from a man who got in front of Congress and told them how bad it is to alter old movies, mkay!  Le sigh.  He should have kept doing the drugs he was doing in the 70’s and 80’s to keep his movies good.  I did also find a faux list of other proposed changes. I laughed a lot.  My favorite is Chewbacca being spurned by Han Solo after he changed his relationship status on Facebook.

Also, did you know that Lucasfilm owns the trademark on the word Droid?  So if you use it to make money, they get some too?  Thanks for helping to fund the crystal skull movie Verizon.

Well peace out.  Enjoy pictures of my yucca and Japanese money plant and a picture of butterflies doing it as your moment of zen tonight.  Toodles!


Yeah.  I took both of those phenomenal photos.

  1. You’ll always find that one stray Lego, via your bare foot, while walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It’s law, look it up.

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