A Little Spoon of Sugar

Just a few videos that I enjoy.  Hopefully they put a smile on your face as well.  Not sure that I really have any medicine to shove down your throat hidden by the sweet sugared promise of funny videos.  Did you see that Ben & Jerry’s has a new flavor of ice cream coming out soon?  Sounds like it will be a familiar treat to some, it’s called Schweddy Balls.  Sounds delish.  Vanilla ice cream, rum swirl, rum-fudge balls, and malt balls.

Other than that, slow couple of days for me.  I finished reading Catching Fire, the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy.  It was about as good as the first book.  It felt rushed in a few places, but that is the biggest complaint I have.  She did a better job of connecting you to the characters than the first book I felt.  The first book some of the emotion seemed a bit wooden to me, but it felt much more smoothed out this go around.  I started the third book but have only made it through the first chapter.

That does bring me to a thought though, which books do you prefer?  Do you prefer monstrously large books that take forever to finish or small quick reads?  I bounce back and forth.  My only problem with the longer books is that they sometimes feel weighed down with unnecessary detail.  I think that Brandon Sanderson does a fantastic job of both length and detail in his books.  His book The Way of Kings was massive but it kept moving.  Jim Butcher has much quicker reads and also makes all of his detail count as well.  That is where I get into trouble, there are fantastic writers at both ends of the spectrum.  Terry Pratchett is another great example of an author who can make a book tell an intriguing, hilarious, and thought provoking tale in about 300 pages.

So I suppose, back to the question, what do you prefer?  Does it matter as long as the story is good?  Maybe I will throw that into a poll as well.  Will also see if I have the balls to throw up a piece of writing that I have actually put a little bit of time into up here.  Well.  I guess I kind of went about that backwards.  Gave you the medicine first and now you get the sugar.  At least those of you in prison will get a warm sense of familiarity.

These are just some funny music videos that I enjoy.  There may be talk of sugalumps, Abraham Lincoln in hot pants, or even gingers.  Hopefully none of that offends.

PS… I want one of those cowboy costumes for Halloween so bad..

  1. It all comes down to execution. The article I read about this subject seems to have disappeared from me.

    I agree that Sanderson could pull off a long trilogy. His work ethic and clear architect style of writing makes me think if anybody could do it, it would be him.

    However Butcher has proven that his formula works.
    It does all depend, writers on both ends of the spectrum are in the plenty.

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