In Which I Prepare to be Skewered Alive

Ok.  Disclaimer.  I sometimes have issues with my filter.  By sometimes, it is quite often, as in a lot, as in I have to constantly keep it on my mind to be a good boy and not say something that somebody may find offensive.  I don’t normally want for it to be mean, just funny, but I suppose my sense of humor is slightly skewed.  I am just your typical mid-west boy/man-child.  Grew up in a small town with a decent number of small minded people.  This does not mean that they were not good people, most were.  Most were fantastic.  It does mean that most weren’t particularly worldly.  Most knew what that area had to offer and were content with simply knowing that.

People that did not have much ambition other than to work in a restaurant, real estate, or catering to whatever tourism they could get.  Most went to the same church their entire life without blinking an eye.  A conservative, quiet, and if you are local a friendly people.  There are and will always be things I miss about the area, but it is not an area that I would want to live in again.  I am a bit of a black sheep as far as that area is concerned.  I am very open minded, very ambitious, want to go somewhere in life, atheist, and I suppose you could say liberal.  I do find religion highly interesting though.  I really have absolutely no problem with what anybody else believes as long as they don’t use that belief to infringe upon the happiness of others.  Believe in God, the invisible pink unicorn, the flying spaghetti monster, Buddha, Zeus, Thor, anybody and that is awesome.  Truly awesome.  The fact that you can have that belief is something that, being who/what I am, I do find fascinating.  Remarkable even.  Maybe I could even be a bit envious of it, but wouldn’t want you to know that eh?  So instead I believe in what I can.  I believe in my family.  I believe in being the best father I can and hopefully I can pull off at least mediocre husband.  I would shoot for higher, but I am a man.  One day I hope to even fully believe in myself.  It goes back and forth.  Kind of sin wave-ish.  Hopefully can believe in or at least acquire a bit more discipline.

That being said, with background and all, much more than you could ever want to know.  I will now prepare for the skewering.  Politics is not what you could call an interest of mine.  The lying, backstabbing, and blatant lies are fun to watch, but it always seems to me that the choice comes down to Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich as South Park pointed out.  You still have to make a choice though.  Without making a choice, you have no right to bitch about who did make it.  I have qualms about all of the candidates and even the current POTUSA.  He seems like a nice enough guy, but that is the problem.  He doesn’t really fight for anything.  He is timid.  I was pondering about that, and I hope this doesn’t sound overly racist, but I think it is because he isn’t white.  This is actually something more critical about whites, I feel.  Sure sure, make it about skin color.  The thing is though, that we whites are arrogant assholes.  Ask anybody who isn’t the same color as us.  We have a sense of entitlement.  We truly believe that we deserve everything that is given to us, and if we earn something, then twice as much should be given because of how awesome we are.  Mr. President has had to always play the negotiator and talk and do all he could to please other people to get his one-up.  He is still there.  Trying to please instead of taking the charge that he has earned.

I could be completely wrong.  It has happened many times before.  So, ream me.  I am ready.  Even used an enema so it is all clean.  Maybe just maybe I will try to get more coherent thoughts and do some research before I open my mouth.  That could be hoping an awful lot though.  Cheers mates.

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