Pet Peeves


This is one. Can you spot it?  Will hopefully get a real post up tomorrow.  Have one ready to be typed, but it seems as tho as soon as I touch my laptop my attention is magically needed elsewhere.  Using my phone right now. It is a secret loophole in the system

PS. I’m still really aggravated at being unable to do something nice/chivalrous/gentlemanly without it being thought that I’m only doing it cause I want in the girl’s pants.  Why must women-folk kill chivalry?  If I did nice things to every person who I thought it would be fun to be in their pants, I wouldn’t have time for a job or family. I do nice things when I think somebody could use the help. End of story.

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    • Brittany
    • September 18th, 2011

    YOU’RE (ahhh my pet peeve too)

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