My Three Day Weekend

Ah.  It felt good.  No work on Friday, even though it was because my chitlin was feeling a little under the weather.  The most amazing thing about me calling in on Friday was that unbeknownst to me, especially since work has never done it to my knowledge, they had cupcakes and ice cream and a free lunch for me to celebrate my 5 year anniversary.  I found it humorous.  Apparently not so funny to some others who didn’t get a five-year anniversary acknowledgement.  Oh well.  They just can’t be as awesome as me I suppose.

So What Did He Do?!  The all important question.  Well.  A little of a lot of things.  I did some reading, I did some writing, some wrestling, some gaming, a tad bit of sleeping, some cooking, a few hours at the gym, and some time in jail(put there by my superhero child).

For the writing bit, it was a lot of outlining and trying to get cohesive thoughts with a little bit of writing.  I’m mostly happy with what I got done, but it definitely could have been more.  I suppose that is the curse though, if you feel fully accomplished and content with something that you have done then what more do you have to strive for?  I always try to one-up myself.  That is the way it should be I think.  I was playing with a new addition to a co-op story.  This one has the previously created character meeting up with a band of mercenaries and going on a gay old quest.  Huzzah!  I have a soft spot in my heart for mercs.  Only problem is that not a lot of the rest of the story is hugely comical as of yet.  Always a good time for levity though, right? Please?  I have the mercs as a band of nine.  Which is to say 3×3 in case you were hoping for math.  There are three groups of three though.  That makes nine.  Ok. Hope we are on the same page.  Three of the mercs are the ‘wise’ ones.  They will handle all the planning.  Another three will be those possessing courage.  They are those who want to rush in and face the problem head on all the time.  The third group doesn’t have a whole lot to offer other than strength.    Luckily that is something that is needed for their line of work.

One of the brutes shall be named Larry.  Larry has issues.  He has been struck in the helmet a few times too many.  Reality has become a little fuzzy around the edges for him.  When on the battlefield he is known for his ferocity and his high-pitched war cry of “Lalalalalalalala”.  It’s much more intimidating if you heard it.  Geez.  Off the battlefield he is known for his ferocity and his high-pitched war cry, but only when he tries to pronounce a word with the letter ‘L’ in it.  This is also why he goes by the name of The Brute Beaut.  It got tiresome every time he was asked his name and he broke out into “Hello, I am LALALALALALAALALALarry, and how are you?”

I find it humorous at any rate.  Part of me wonders if I should have him be incredibly intolerable of people who stutter as one of those fun contradictions of character.  Have the stutterer talking to Larry.  Every time the stutterer tries to get a word out it just grates on his last nerve.  It finally comes to a conflict once the stutterer starts having issues with an ‘L’ word.  It takes all of Larry’s willpower to not try and correct the stutterer.  Beads of swear roll down his forehead, he has nearly bitten through his tongue.  I dunno.  It’s a work.

I did have another accomplishment though.  I am horrible at finishing video games.  I love to play them for a short period of time and then something comes up to make me stop playing them, and they sit there untouched until I can convince myself that I remember how to even play the game and continue.  This happened to me with Batman: Arkham Asylum.  I had made it about a quarter of the way through and then it sat.  My son wanted to play it Friday night, so I said why not.  Then he needed help.  I had to play it.  I got back into it though, and through a few hours playing on Friday, a good number of hours Saturday, and then just an hour or so finishing up this morning I beat it.  I didn’t go out of my way to complete all of the Riddler’s challenges yet, and seeing as how long it took me to pick the game back up maybe never.  But I did a pretty good job anyway and had 80% completion. So Yeah. Huzzah.  Was a fun game all-in-all.  Croc made me poop myself a little.  Some of the times that Scarecrow popped up had me a little on edge.  The worst one was I believe the last, when everything freezes and acts like it is glitching out.  Thought bad things had happened to my PS3.  Then it continued on and I realized it was part of the game.  I unclenched.  I found Poison Ivy to be a bit interesting.  Everybody goes out of their way to make her sexy.  Which they made her attractive, but also other-worldly.  Like how you would find a faerie attractive or a mermaid.  That sure that could be fun, but where to begin.

My son learned a fun lesson today.  It was fun to watch.  He unplugged the charger from his DSi.  Then for whatever reason, an impulse from the infant/reptile brain maybe, he stuck it in his mouth.  He promptly said ‘Ow!’  Then he did it again.  Verification I suppose.  Luckily those only put out 4.6V but it does so at 900mA.  This being the case I would have to say that it would be similar to putting your tongue on a 9v battery.  I didn’t try it though.  I realize that it is half the voltage of the battery, but it is almost twice of the average amperage, and plugged into the wall so it isn’t going anywhere.  Sooo I will ballpark it and say close enough to the same.

There are a few other things of interest to me.  Apparently Orson Scott Card did a re-imagining of Hamlet.  From what I have read about it and the excerpts I have seen it is horrible.  That is opinion I know, but it is completely flat.  He thought he could take the emotional bomb that is Hamlet and flatten out the characters and still have as good of a story.  I don’t think it worked.  I love other books by him though, so that is a bit disappointing.  You can read about it HERE.  Really I just don’t understand the obsession with everybody remaking stuff now.  Why not be creative and do your own?  I understand that you think you are doing homage, but if it sucks, how does that really entice people to want to want to read more on the subject if the first thing they see is your horrible remake?  Kind of like if I had seen the Eragon movie before reading the book, I would say screw the book.  There are some remakes that turn out good, I will give you that.  Some music that was made their own, like A Perfect Circle’s cover of Imagine by John Lennon.  It was phenomenal.  I had other instances of remakes being good when I was thinking about this on Friday, but well, I have forgotten.  Didn’t make notes.  Shame.


And with keeping the cosmic balance of there being bad, Scott Lynch made fun of this by doing a couple scenes of his own version of Henry V.  The title of his work is The So Much Less Gay and Not Written With Gay Big Words Version of The Chronicle History of Henry the Fifth formerly by William Shakespeare.  It made me laugh pretty good.  Read it HERE!  Also if you are not familiar with his works, I would suggest looking into them if you possess a sense of humor, or enjoy fantasy books, or enjoy robin hood, or enjoy good caper movies, and don’t mind a bit of cursing.  Besides, George R.R. Martin said good things about it. See..

The last few things that I can think of right now are both lessons.  One humorous, one for sense of perspective.  Also, I realized that I have a strange detachment to reality I think.  Things that I barely blink at in real life can make me hold back tears when watching a show.  That is weird right?  Like suppose I am watching Kitchen Nightmares and they completely re-do the kitchen and make everything awesome.  The moment of unveil makes me tear up.  Dunno.  Now then…

A lesson in which you learn that teaching your kid to be bi-lingual is useful and funny.  I was talking with my sister the other day and she was talking to my son.  She was trying to get him to say things in Spanish.  So being a good influence she tried to get him to say ‘guido’ he said ‘burrito’.  There were other instances as well and then the Skype call was on it’s way to being over so we could put my son to bed.  So she tells him to say bye and I love you. Then proceeds to try and get him to say it in Spanish.  She asks him to say ‘Te amo’  and asks him if he can say that for her.  He looks at her dead pan an says “No. I can’t.  And I can’t say damnit either.”  I laughed immensely.

Last thing, you think that life is rough for you?  Maybe I am biased but in my personal opinion you should be glad that it isn’t as bad as a friend of mine.  They have had some week.  Well a number of years to be honest.  They lost a father to cancer a few years back.  Things were starting to get better and the mom re-married.  Shortly thereafter that husband got cancer as well.  He is still working on getting it gone.  Now this week.  One of the daughter’s has cancer now.  A really rare cancer that effects the endocrine system.  The weird part is that it almost always only strikes women in their 50’s.  She is 24.  On top of that their dog got really sick and had to be put down and the transmission went out in their car.  Talk about major suck.  Really makes me think my stuff is trivial at any rate.

Well time for letter time with my child.  Have a great evening.



  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! You’re mercs sound cool- I like them, too. Mercedes Lackey wrote a series of books about a female merc which were actually very good and had lots of details about how merc companies are run, the pay system, the training, etc. Oathbound and Oathbreakers are two. It’s been a long time since I’ve read them, but I really enjoyed them. Also, that book by Lynch looks good- think I’ll check with the library about it. The sci-f/fantasy section in my local library is pretty lame, though, so I’ll probably have to order it in from another one.

    • Your, not you’re. meh.

    • Thanks! I hope to have some fun with the mercs. Hopefully the story will come out as fun as it is in my head. We shall see though I suppose. Will hopefully put up something new to be criticized sometime soon

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