Boba Fett

I really like Boba Fett and due to the amazing super happy times of stumbleupon I can find lots of random things.  I saw this and was immediately wowed.  It is freaking cool.  Then I read that you could wear it.  My inner nerd throbbed with delight.  Then I continued to read.  Turns out while wearing it, there is a mouthpiece inside that you may use to partake of the reefer.  I don’t partake but I have the same views on that as I do of most any other personal choice.  Just don’t hurt/screw with other people’s lives and have fun.  So either way.  Beautiful art.  Just wanted to share.  Lots of random short posts, what the hell do I think this is, twitter?  Toodles my brethren.  HERE is some  other fun geeky pieces by them.  Seem a little fragile to me though.  Toke with them you do and broke they may be.



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