So, I’ve oft told myself that I really like Nine Inch Nail’s The Fragile.  This is due to previous experience.  I listened to it religiously.  Ok, maybe that isn’t the right term for me, but religiously for those that are, well, religious.  When I got it, I then had to re-buy it 3-4 different times for replacements since they would get scratched up.  So I knew I liked it.  I haven’t felt that I liked it for awhile though.  This is due mainly to the fact that I hadn’t listened to it in some time.  I listened to it again.  It felt fantastic.  The strings that he used to make almost all of the sounds in that album help to give credit to the name of the album.  They make you feel fragile.  The tension of those strings as though they could snap.  The darkness that they can emit.  The only song that may not fully fit into the album with the rest, in my opinion of course, is StarF*ckers.  It is much more upbeat and poppy than the rest of the album.  Especially when the album has so many instrumentals, having the poppiness doesn’t mesh as well as ti could have.  It is a great song, just don’t know if it matches the rest of the feel.  If you have listened to it, what do you think?

Here is how Reznor described the album

“There’s a general theme to the album of systems failing and things sort of falling apart. In keeping with the idea of making everything sound a little broken, I chose stringed instruments because they’re imperfect by nature. Although it may not sound like it, most of the album is actually guitar – and that includes the orchestral sounds and weird melodic lines. When it came to instruments that I didn’t really know how to play – like the ukulele or the slide guitar – we were able to get some really interesting sounds by making the studio the main instrument”.

So maybe how I described it isn’t completely different, but that means he succeeded right?  Either way.  It takes you places.    The first two videos are instrumentals from the album.  The second two are lyrical.  Even Deeper even has Dr. Dre producing it.  Neat right?  Do enjoy.


  1. LOVE NiN!

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