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Sooo guess who found some particles that travel faster than light?  Not this guy.  There are some lovely gents using the CERN particle accelerator that made or I suppose discovered particles called neutrinos.  These neutrinos apparently travel 20 parts per million faster than the speed of light.  That is pretty amazing.  Sure getting somewhere a few nanoseconds faster over the course of 454 miles may not seem like a big deal but suppose we triple or even go 10 to 100 times that distance?  That will add up.  Talk about an amazing discovery if we are ever to travel to another planet light years away.  So I thought that was fun.  Read about it HERE!


Also, I don’t know how you feel about him, but I thoroughly enjoy pretty well all of the Gordon Ramsay shows.  He has quite a few of them.  He is all over Fox and BBC.  He will now have yet another show on Fox, that makes a count of 4 on Fox alone.  That is more than any other reality show host.  Fairly impressive.  The new show is tentatively titled ‘Hotel Hell’  and it will be something like ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ but with the focus being horrible hotel experiences.  He will also have a couple of people that go to the hotels with him and help him out.  Apparently he has a degree in hotel management, who knew?  HERE it is.

Speaking of interesting reality shows…. Apparently there is going to be a season of Celebrity WifeSwap.  I heard about one of the match-ups and all that I can think is ‘disaster’.  Hopefully hilariously so.  Even though they aren’t married, Gary Busey’s girlfriend will be switch places with Gayle Haggard.  Now I don’t know if Gayle will sound familiar to you, but she is the wife of Ted Haggard.  Remember him?  Former President of the National Association of Evangelicals?  Extremely homophobic?  Had sex with a male ‘masseuse’ while taking crystal meth?  Yeah, that guy, well his wife and Gary Busey.  How could it not go good?  I wish that people like him wouldn’t just hide behind their faith and would accept the feelings that they have and actually attempt to do something about them.  Repressing them does no good.  They only build until one day they will overcome you and make you do something radical.  This may be anything from drugs, to an affair, to acting on same-sex attraction, or even pedophilia.  Sure those are extreme cases, but they are extreme because those people weren’t willing to accept their problem and try to get help.  They wanted to bury it.  Actually a line from a book I am currently reading jumped out at me earlier today.  Just so happens it can apply here. It goes a little something like this….

“To live is to have worries and uncertainties. Keep them inside, and they will destroy you for certain–leaving behind a person so callused that emotion can find no root in his heart.”
― Brandon SandersonElantris

See, even Mr. Sanderson agrees and he is a Mormon.  I win.  Haha.  But seriously, if you have any problems in your head, if you have a problem that you don’t have an answer to, if you are worried that you may possibly need help… GET IT!  I’ve been to a shrink and may go again.  I’ve opened up to friends(they say they are non-judgmental and sometimes I really hope that is the case).  I’ve tried meditating.  I’ve tried many a thing.  That does not mean there is no longer conflict, OF COURSE there is conflict, there will always be conflict, but you have to move past it.  If you do not move past it, it will consume you.  Always.

A couple things that make me proud to be a Missourian.  First, the Kansas City school district has lost it’s accreditation.  That sucks!  They have it through the end of the year, but after that they have 2 years to get their crap together.  If not, then real crap hits the fan and the state steps in.  I feel bad for the people there that will have to displace their kids to other schools and have a much longer commute.  I hope that they can get their things together.  I truly hope that we as Americans can all get together and step up our education.  The state of our grammar, spelling, math skills, and work ethic is truly appalling at times.  We need to step up.  We need to prove that we deserve to be a world power.  It is not something given.  It is not something kept without work.  Simply because we have big guns is no reason for it.  I do not believe in rule by force.  I believe in earning the respect of the people you are in charge of by hard work and team work.  Work all the way through though.

Second item, an elementary just around 2 hours outside of Kansas City had a great show and tell.  A child brought in his mothers most prized possession to show off.  Was it bronzed shoes, a kitten, a frying pan, a baby picture, or even an heirloom?  No, not to my knowledge at any rate, but it was her crack pipe AND some meth! YES!  I can’t wait for my child to show mine off!(Please note that there is a ridiculous amount of sarcasm behind that last statement and in fact I do not own either meth or a crack pipe).  Yay parenting skills.

Although I would have to say that a story out of Florida had probably worse parents.  It is freaking nasty.  I heard it on the radio the other day, but here is a copy of it from truecrimereport.com so here goes.

Kristina Reilly is a 26-year-old mom known for being totally loving and into providing her kids with safe, secure shelter. But she’d been a little busy lately with some extra stealing, so forgive her if she wasn’t able to get to the raw sewage flooding her house…

McArdle tried to tell the cops that the family used a bucket for a bathroom, then dumped their waste in a backyard pool, which is totally environmental.​Police arrived at her home on Tuesday to serve her a warrant on a theft charge. We’re not sure what that entailed, but stealing quickly took a back seat to the stench emanating from the Venice, Florida home.

Reilly and her boyfriend, 29-year-old James McArdle, told the cops that the septic tank backed up five days before. They just hadn’t gotten around to cleaning in up. It may have been a hassle living in a house swimming in raw sewage, but that’s the fate of being a modern, multi-tasking mom.

Yet when the cops entered the home, they assumed the problems had being going on for more than five days. There was literally shit an inch deep in some rooms, and others had shit saturating the carpet.

Two small kids were found in a bedroom with only a mattress and pillows covered with mildew. Cops also found a needle, a spoon, and a bong. If you’re going to live in sewage, you should at least be getting high to dull the smell, shouldn’t you? That’s just parenting 101.

Other highlights from the tour, according to the police report: “In the kitchen there was sewage backed up and half of the sink was filled with liquid waste. There was an infestation of ants and cockroaches all over the counters. The one usable bathroom within the home was also filled with sewage. The toilet was overflowed with feces and the shower floor was covered in human waste.”

But it seems the cops weren’t into the environment. They charged both adults with child cruelty. McArdle took an additional hit for possessing drug paraphernalia.

The kids were taken by social workers.

Now that is some parenting!




  1. You would.

    Anything with Gary Busey is automatic comedic gold. I remember watching celebrity ghost hunters with him. Talk about cranking it to eleven.

    It is good to have somebody to open up to. Everybody needs somebody, that person (friend or whatever) that you can express things to, especially if you have problems. Sometimes you need sympathy and sometimes you need to be told to calm the fuck down. If they are judgmental then fuck them.
    But remember; a guy you hang out with bails you out of jail, a friend is in there with you, making fun of you and himself because you both swore she didn’t look like a cop.

    God bless Missouri, especially Jefferson County. Nothing says awesome like a single county that produces 2% of the worlds meth! Maybe they are tired of the police raids and started moving to Kansas City?

    • Brittany
    • September 25th, 2011

    even FL hasn’t lost it’s accreditation yet….and we are pathetic down here haha.

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