Good night Missouri


That’s all.  Was just an amazing sunset.  One that I feel a picture would never properly do justice.  Please accept this as a ‘best I can do’. 
Another day gone but one well spent,
Shopping and to the park we went,
Spent two hours in the sun,
Running, chasing, and giggling with my son,
Now for some reason a poem I want to write,
Maybe inspired by the dirty oven I did fight,
So here I sit reflecting on moments from the past,
Hoping that this moment of inspired worrying will last,
Now I know it is nothing overly deep,
Nor do I expect my rhyming to make you weep,
So look upon the gorgeous sunset,
And may that be what makes your eyes wet.

So yeah, 3 minutes spent writing that. On my phone even.  Scary thing was my brother called right at the end.  Thought I was going to lose all my lame work.  Well good night dearies.

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  1. Love the picture. Come visit me…and see a picture I took from my car. There were wires across the picture, similar to yours, but happily I took them off. Glad you were able to enjoy your day!

    • Thanks for the comment. Maybe one day I will be cool enough to take the wires off too haha. It would have made the picture that much better though. Or I could have not been lazy and just walked across the road and taken a better picture. Ah well. Such is hindsight. 🙂

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