A Thought at Bedtime

Why hasn’t somebody come up with a mathematical equation for determining your child’s bedtime?  Is it possible? I suppose if it is your child than it mostly is instinctual.  For everybody else though…. Maybe I should take it upon myself.  Hmmm…
The number of times you have to repeat yourself times the number of hours it has been since a nap.  Now take that result and if A) the child has had supper multiply by four B) the child has not had supper multiply by two.  The closer you get to 100 the more it is definitely that special time.  Now there are special circumstances wherein you don’t even have to think about it.
1) No nap. This means that by the time you suspect they may be tired, it is actually 3 hours past the time they should be sleeping.
2) If sick.  Of course they are crabby  you would be too.  Now give them some damn snuggles and ice cream.  Not necessarily in that order either. 
3) Company is visiting. Give up now.  It will be at least
3 hours after you believe it too be bedtime before your kid(s) even lay down. Add 1.5 hours after that for when you get to start your bedtime.

I’m sure there are things I’m forgetting.  Also the math may not be sound.  Just made it all up.  Also I’m half asleep.  Please feel free to point out my mistakes and laugh.  I shall do the same.  Then promptly make a farty face at you.  Unless you are particularly rude.  Then you get real fart.

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