Jail or Church?

It appears that in Alabama there is a ROC(Restore Our Community) Project and part of that project that was slated to start but is in fact on hold now is a program that would allow first time criminals to go to church for a year instead of whatever jail-time they would have had to otherwise serve.

I think that is silly.  To the max, yo.  I guess the main problem I have with it is the fact that it kind of violates the whole ‘separation of church and state’ thing.  I realize that line grows increasingly fuzzy, but I believe that a person’s personal beliefs should in no way dictate how a society should act.  The leader should do what is best for the country/workplace/whatever regardless of their beliefs.

Upon further review, however, I think that it is actually a good idea.  Although it would not ever be seen as that way as those who want to enact the program.  Yes they see it as a good idea, but not for the same reason.  I see it as sort of as a classroom setting.  When you send criminals to jail they all reform and become better members of society, right?  No.  They go and essentially learn how to be better criminals.  Then they get to have more fun doing more crime until they are caught again.  Well why this seems fitting would be along the same lines, if they are first time criminals committing misdemeanors then they most likely did something along the lines of theft, vandalism, forgery, or some other sort of misdirection and getting the better of people.  What is the church fantastic at doing? Right, getting money out of people through misdirection.  So going to church will teach these fledgling criminals how to be better at getting money from people while still staying legit.  Perfect, right?

If you want to read the article, you can read it HERE.  What do you think, or what would you prefer?

If you are offended by this, please not that one of the tags is humor and then carry on.

If you want another chance to get offended, then please watch the following.  It was more dumb than offensive, but it made me think of  a friend.  Tooooooodles.

  1. That video…

    Gotta love Pedro. 🙂

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