Part 2 of 3: Nerd Rage and Sexism

Well, having pretty well fully threshed out my feelings on having carnal relations whilst time traveling in my previous post, time to move on to the next part of pent-up randomness.

Now then. Nerd Rage.  Ok I want to start things off by saying that I love Star Wars.  I can’t explain why, I just always have.  I have always enjoyed the piss out of it yet disliked Star Trek.  Once again, no discernible reason at all, it just is what it is.  That being said I did watch the 4th season premiere of Clone Wars the other day.  I was a week or two late so sue me.  I couldn’t enjoy the episode.  The episode took place on the planet Dac.  I don’t remember if that is what they called it in the show, but it is the true name of the Mon Calamari home-world so take it and like it.  Now for those who are not nerdy the Mon Calamari are an amphibious race although their planet is almost entirely covered with water.  Why they are amphibians if the need to be so never really arose who knows but they are.  That isn’t important and I’ve gotten off track though. Their planet is watery and all their cities are under water.  There is a war and the Jedi and the Republic all show up to help.  They simply throw on some futuristic scuba gear and commence to throw science down the drain.  They go under water and all of their equipment works just as perfectly as it does on land.  A light saber works perfectly fine under water…  Does that bother anybody else as bad as it bothered me?  These are swords that can cut through almost anything given the proper amount of time.  They are pretty well pure ‘cut the fuck out of anything in the way’ otherwise known as ‘manliness’ in a blade form.  How can they be on under water and not be super-heating or causing the water around them to boil?  It had me almost frothing with rage.  Please excuse that.

Another fun thing is sexism.  It can be so abundant at times.  My work place is really bad about it.  There are certain things the men do and certain things the women do.  That is that.  If one or the other crosses the line people get very touchy.  They also get very touchy if you don’t perform one of your tasks that is believed to be yours simply because your giblets dangle a little bit more.  One of the tasks that has been delegated to guys is to take out the trash.  Mostly this is because the majority of the women there are 50+ and haven’t taken the best care of themselves.  I would personally think there is a problem if you can’t go up/down 4 stairs without needing a 15 minute break just to catch your breath.  Maybe I am picky though.  Either way I was taking out the trash the other day and I missed a can, OK not a can but a small bucket.  One of the small 3-5 gallon trash bins.  Small is really what I’m trying to get across…  One of the ladies gives me grief with the “Oooh I see how it is, you can take out all of their trash but forget mine?”  I smiled and took the trash can and told her “Careful there, if you stay that impossible to please I might just have to marry you”  Asshole remark?  Yeah.  Did I laugh?  You bet your sweet arse I did.  Did the wife laugh when I told her?  Well.. not as much.  I got a slight smirk though and damnit I will take what I can get.

Along with that lovely bit, I also was trying to come up with ways to tell people to stop being so sensitive(although I admit maybe I’m the one at fault and am in fact not sensitive enough…) and came up with “Stop being so clitoral”  I was going to try and make clitoral sound different but most things related were already in use.  Who knew that clitical was actually a website?  I thought it worked better for my usage, but apparently it should be there to help you learn about lady bits and how to play mad DJ with them.  So maybe cliticate(clitoral and delicate in one)  Meh.  Plenty of time to work it to a nice Slapsgiving perfection.

Well I had more to say but I’m kind of falling asleep.  The other stuff is really cool, but I can just give it to you in link form I think.  Easy way out.  So… do some reading.

Found a new(to me) science news website.  They had some neat stuff on there, like the following:

Do peruse around.  Apparently I’m late to the game, the oldest article I could find was almost 2 weeks old!  How did it take so long to find?

I found this absolutely ridiculous

Also, could be nice if this went somewhere.  I’d like to call it rape if I had a penis forcibly shoved into me.  Alas it currently isn’t.  Now don’t go getting any ideas.. please..


That’s all that I will bombard you with for now.  It’s a lie, he is actually getting tired he is, going to sleep he actually is.  So have a great night.

  1. I know what you mean about not being able to overlook the total abandonment of scientific principles in a movie. I tend to notice those kinds of things, whether it be in books, movies, jokes or whatever. My daughter tells me all of the time that I ruin jokes and movies by bringing logic into them. I tell her that by pointing out the errors in logic/science in a funny way, I am actually contributing to the laugh factor of said joke. She doesn’t agree. Whatevs. I found the earthscraper in Mexico City to be a very cool idea, but probably not for that area. Like one of the other commenters on that article, I don’t believe that building such a massive underground structure in an earthquake-prone area is a very good idea. Maybe it’s the thought of being crushed by moving tectonic plates, then being buried hundreds of feet underground, possibly while still alive, that bothers me. I, too, had seen the Nathan Fillion poster article. I can’t believe that a university, a supposed enlightened institution of learning, was so uptight about a poster. Maybe they just weren’t fans of Firefly… Oh well. Time for me to get to sleep, too.

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