‘Christian’ as the magic word of politics – latimes.com

‘Christian’ as the magic word of politics – latimes.com.

A great article by a Mr. Penn Jillette.  Just happened to be reading tweets earlier and this came up.  It sure did get some people up in a tizzy.  The comments are the best.  I especially enjoyed it when somebody called him racist.  I didn’t realize there was a Christian race.  This really proves a picture that I saw the other day.  As a matter of fact let me find it really quick.  I know I don’t need to put this in because all you care about is the end result; the fact that there is a picture there.  Thing is though, you are still reading this and it makes me giggle slightly.  Ok. More evil laugh but still.. Bwahahahaha Aaaa Mwahahaha

And now. I give you… *drum roll for effect*

A link to the picture.  I am truly a dastardly bastard.

I love Mr. Bigglesworth though!

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