Red State

I have enjoyed pretty well every Kevin Smith movie that I’ve watched.  CopOut was an exception, but it wasn’t really “his” movie.  He didn’t write it, simply did the directing I believe.  Mostly Tracy Morgan ruined that movie for me.  May have been alright otherwise.  Maybe I just really enjoy dick and fart jokes, but his movies really do have more to them than that.  He hides it under all the jokes, but there are good genuine points in his movies most of the time.  I thought that Clerks 2 took the first Clerks to a deeper level of friendship.  I don’t think you can really compare the movies due to how and what they are, but Clerks 2 had a lot more of an emotional factor to it.

So that being said, I have been looking forward to watching Red State pretty well since I heard about it.  I thought it would be Kevin Smith ripping on those small-minded people that follow the Westboro Baptist Church.  To an extent that is true, but it isn’t simple jokes.  There really isn’t much funny at all in the movie.  There was a whole lot of F-bombs but with it being a Kevin Smith movie I think we can expect at least that much out of it.  It was truly more of a horror movie.  Which he had said before but I never really took it to heart I suppose.  I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to describe the movie in relations to other movies and I’m not sure that I can easily.  I suppose maybe Citizen Kane meets House of 1000 Corpses with maybe a tad bit of Deliverance thrown in.  To back that up, the whole movie focuses around Abin Cooper who is essentially the movie version of Fred Phelps and his family/church.  Abin Cooper takes things ever so slightly more extreme than Fred Phelps does though.  This is somewhat true of Citizen Kane and what it did to William Randolph Hearst.  Other than that it is a creepy compound built by a family where they torture and kill people.  This time it is simply done because of their sins.  There was a lot of death in this movie and a lot of loose ends.  Not really much in the way of closure either.  There were quite a few times where I had trouble believing that a character would act the way that he/she was even in extreme circumstances.  One of those as an example was a girl in her late teens.  There is a lot of gun fire going on and she tells her cousin to take the little kids upstairs.  The cousin resists.  The girl starts screaming at her to ‘take the kids up stairs GODDAMMIT’  Now that came out of the mouth of a girl who had been raised suuuuuuper christian her whole life and taught that you should have an extremely large and real fear of the Lord.  Just seems a little out of character to me.

If you go into it with the right mindset it may be worth a watch.  If you go in expecting a Kevin Smith movie, you will be disappointed.  If you are militant in your beliefs and want to see somebody who believes different or more hardcore than you get their comeuppance then it could be the movie for you.  Mostly seeing the amount of religious fervor in it made me feel slightly sick.  I’m sure that what he was going for though, so success on that front.  I’m just very much of the mindset that if you leave others beliefs alone they should leave yours alone.  You can get along perfectly fine believing contrary things.  Really.  You can.  You don’t have to scream at somebody else how wrong they are or dumb they are.  You can listen to their point of view.  I know that is a bit extreme, but maybe give it a try sometime.  Even if you don’t agree.  No, especially if you don’t agree.  How can you be solidly rooted in your beliefs and know without a hint of doubt that is what you believe unless you actively seek out other believers of other faiths and compare/contrast.  But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Here is a trailer for Red State.  If you actually read this post then I shouldn’t have to tell you that it is NSFW.  But in case you didn’t. There.  It is NSFW.

  1. That seems like a pretty interesting movie. Hadn’t even heard of it before. Definitely going to check it out though 🙂

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