Just a Theory

And probably one that will have psychiatrists all across the country slamming their head violently against a wall, but here goes.

I don’t believe that people are truly meant to be happy with themselves.  I think that to be happy with yourself is to keep yourself from evolving any further.  It hinders you.  I think that if you truly become completely happy and content with one portion of your life another bit has to screw up so that you have something to work on.  Most people don’t realize that they are doing it, but some do and we call them douchebags.  Those are the kinds of people that get in relationships and do everything they can to make them good.  Then they realize that they are in a good relationship and suddenly they must do anything they can to break the happy shiny vase.

Like I said though, I don’t believe that most people notice it.  Also to be frank, the whole not being happy with oneself is pretty well the definition of depression at times.  I suppose it is all in how you handle strife though.  Some could see that as just the challenge they were looking forward to fixing.  I do have some examples though.  Look at Stephen King, he was told how awesome he is for so long that he believes it.  Now he doesn’t really have to even edit his work, he just puts it out because he knows it will sell.  George Lucas, he was so thrilled with himself that he made the second Star Wars trilogy AND then Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.  That man believes how awesome he is, so he puts out regurgitated poo now.  Look at Tom Cruise, he knew he was a fantastic actor and went batshit crazy.  Don’t bother looking that up, it is a fairly technical term.  Not only celebrities though.  Look at mothers.  They spend all the time shaping and working on their kids.  It is something that can be and at times needs to be done.  Then the child grows up and moves out.  The parent no longer has that problem to fret over as much and sometimes it leads to Empty Nest Syndrome.

So basically what I am saying is… If you truly care for the art/relationship/whatever that you are working on; never become fully content with it.  There can always be room for improvement.  Once you are fully happy, at least be on the look out for something else to go terribly wrong.  Strive for the perfection knowing that you will never achieve it.

Maybe I should have said don’t be content, but be happy.  Well.  Oh well.  Discuss.  I have a rendezvous with my eyelids.  Toodles

    • Brittany
    • October 3rd, 2011


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