A Bit of Stuff From the Last Six Days

I was doing really good about the blog posts for a little bit there, we all were counting down to see how long it would last weren’t we?  So here is a huge jumbled mess of what I have been busy contemplating making blogs about.  I suppose I could go ahead and script out separate blogs for them but that may make too much sense. Shiny Object!

Fun stuff, I may get to do a radio show on the 15th.  I have  a friend who believes in my geekiness and wants me to come and play around on the radio show with him and another guy and have some grand ol geeky news and fun music time.  Hope it turns out to be as fun as it could be.  Pretty neat thing to just fall into my lap.  Not nearly as neat as a good friend of mine who just doubled his income, but I will get to double my.. um.. audience?  Take it from 3 people to 6.  Ha!  It’s a joke, see.  It’s also funny because it is true, see.  Right?!

The other day I got home from work and was enjoying some relax time with the family.  My 3 year old comes up and asks me, “Daddy, can I play with your phone?”  I tell him sure and watch him wander off.  He wanders over directly to mommy and asks her, “Mommy, can I play with your phone pleeeeeeease?”  She also consents to allow him said privilege.  So he sits at the end of the couch with an Android phone in each hand.  With one hand he opens up YouTube and starts listening to the old school Batman theme song and the Spongebob Squarepants theme song.  With the other hand he has opened up a puzzle application and is doing puzzles.  It warmed the cockles of my heart to see him geeking out.

Gamers have done it again!  This is a few days old as well, but the other day gamers around the world DID IT AGAIN.  I say again due to THIS post by Mr. Frank Bishop.  First the FoldIt game where they helped further a potential cure for retroviruses like HIV.  Now they have helped scientists go through heaps of data and find 2 planets that should be able to sustain life.  WOOT!  So yeah.  Gamers are cooler than nerds.  Or something to that effect anyway.  Their problem solving skills are win.

Another one I found humorous.  The Westboro idiots have been planning to protest Steve Jobs’ funeral.  They posted the following on Twitter.  For iPhone.  Idiots.

Thought that this was funny.

Scientists may have found a way to cure diabetes using dead babies stem cells.  Just involves a simple needle to the brain.  Not so bad, right?  Read about it HERE!
Did I mention that I really did that website Dvice.com?

Also, I realize I sometimes don’t analyze things as thoroughly as I should, but this just seems like something I should have realized awhile back.  I should have realized that Captain America was everything that Hitler could have ever wanted.  He was the perfect Aryan soldier that we made to take Hitler down.  Never realized that nice little bit of irony there.  Like so many great stories, the one thing that you truly want is that which will take you down.
Like comedian Tim Minchin, I wouldn’t mind having my lady suffer from neck-down alopecia.  Hell sometimes I even wouldn’t mind not having to deal with all the hair.  But what about people that have alopecia everywhere including their faces.  Do you think ay of them have ever thought of using a merkin as a goatee?  Seems perfectly reasonable to me.  How about you?

I think that somebody should make a Joker tribute video done to this song……

Now you can use your families’ remains to avenge their deaths!

Lastly for now, have you ever heard of the Thatcher effect?   It is creepy.

Hope you enjoyed my pent up randomness.  Was it as good for you as it was for me?  Well until next time.  Oh and I did get some writing done the other day though.  You will just have to wait to see what it was though…

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  1. Don’t feel badly about the decrease in posts. I haven’t posted for awhile either. However, I do have four days off starting tomorrow, so that is all going to change. At least for a week. Can’t make any promises after that, 😛

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