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I am a geek.  I know this.  I also like music.  So it is always refreshing when the two combine.  There are a few musicians that are geeks as well, at least openly.  One of my faves is MC Chris.  He is pretty amazing and captures my love for Star Wars and Robotussin all in one fell swoop.  I just heard about a new nerd rapper though through a tweet by Nathan Fillion.  Turns out this geek rapper has made an entire album of Firefly-themed rap songs.  Even better yet, it is completely FREE right HERE.  I have heard two of the songs and they are pretty fun and do a decent job capturing what Firefly is about.  So here are a few of my fun geek music videos that I like.  Do enjoy. If I missed one, TELL ME.  This was quick and probably poorly thought through.  Please tell me some of your favorites

Not sure if this counts.. but I’m making it.  To help it is a DBZ version of Particle Man by TMBG….


  1. I especially liked the first four. I also found one by MC Chris called Nrrrd Grrrl. Loved it, as I totally identified with it. Posted it to FB, even. My kids will be mortified and sending me desperate pleas to remove it ASAP. Here’s my homepage link, feel free to send a FR. I’ve found all kinds of wonderfully geeky things on FB!

    • Yeah, MC Chris is pretty amazing. I have pretty well all of his albums. You have also probably heard him on the new Honda Civic commercials. That song is called “Hoodie Ninja”. Some other ones of his that I like are: The Tussin, Tractorbeam, Pizza Butt, The Package(a skit in which he dies and meets Jesus), and Hijack. There are plenty of others though. Just looking I didn’t even realize he has had 2 new albums out this year. I fail. Did you get the REMOVE IT talk from your kids? That is funny. I’m not there yet, my almost 4 year old is too busy calling me a fool when I don’t listen to him or trying to mimick me and shave hair on his face. Unfortunately for him the only hair currently there would be his eyebrows. He tried to shave them today anyway. Missing half of one now.

  2. Did you know Adam Warrock used to be a property lawyer? Now he raps about comic books. Pretty chill transition.

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