Another Five Days

Where are they going?  I swear days last about as long as a half hour used to last.  Things have been just speeding along.  I suppose it is because I am actively making myself busy though.  That means that my outlet to the world has been a little slack, but have been doing other things.  All give and take, balance and counter balance, yin and yang, milk chocolate and orange juice.  You know the deal.  So what exactly have I been doing to dare call myself busy? Well… here goes.

I have been working on one of my stories on and off still.  Have gotten just a few more pages written.  Not nearly as much as I would like to have written, but it is still progress.

I have also been asked to help create more documentation at work.  It is something that could be said we are lacking in.  The company makes great products that last a long time.  The only problem with that is that sometimes they last so long that they don’t have to be replaced for awhile.  So let’s say that we go 5 years without making one of the products that have gone down in demand and only one person had built them up until that point.  Well that is when things get interesting and people are scrabbling trying to figure out how and what the hell is going on.  It is slightly frustrating to say the least.  Some of the older products you literally have to go off of old Post-It notes and pages of hand written scribbles on legal pads.  So documentation is kind of a big deal.  Especially since we are still growing, which is great in the current economy.  We are moving around $500-600k worth of electronics per month.  Not the biggest company but for some perspective, that is what we were doing every 6-7 months just about 5 years ago.  We are even exporting custom controls to China and Finland.  Take that.  Working on a deal with a Belgium company as well.  So there is that.

Along another path at work, the engineer’s bitch-boy is quitting.  For a substantial raise.  Happy for him, but jealous at the same time.  Soo I figured why not make myself the new engineer bitch-boy if at all possible.  I’ve kind of become the bitch for a few other things, why not another?  I’ve gotten weaseled into doing a bunch of maintenance, fixing things when they break, and other organization.  So the only problem with becoming the bitch-boy is that I don’t have all of the necessary skills yet.  Welcome to more time taken up.  I’m currently in the process of trying to teach myself all that I can about C programming as quickly as I can.  I’ve spent a few hours so far reading about the processes and layout, have done some tutorials, and have a large pile of books to go through.  I haven’t even barely touched it yet.  I’ll get there though.  Will actually be really good.  I’ve got a decent amount of hardware experience and troubleshooting problematic boards under my belt, so acquiring the knowledge of some software and how it works is another step.  Hopefully one that I can enjoy.  It’s another challenge.  Game on.

So just that while trying to work through my pile of fiction books to read, go to the gym, take the son to the park and play while possible, keep up with house work, and start cooking more again.  Have been slacking there, and I do so enjoy making new recipes and the look on somebody’s face when they try something that you made that they hadn’t had before and their eyes light up with pleasure.  Speaking of, I made that chicken enchilada pizza again the other night and tweaked it slightly.  Took a couple pieces to my neighbors and they started begging me for the recipe immediately.

And one other thing.

I enjoy a lot of poetry, truly I do.  I must confess though that I am getting tired of it a bit.  I suppose it isn’t that I’m actually tired of poetry itself but more I am tired of what seems to be the over abundant form of poetry everywhere right now.  I get my hopes up constantly when I use the Tag Surfer and go to the Poem(s)/Poetry tags.  I constantly hope for a fantastic poem to come across.  I am disappointed a lot.  Almost all of the poetry out there right now is all woe is me, I’m an emo, boo hoo.  How can you take that seriously?  If that is all that you know how to write then maybe you need a different hobby or at least maybe talk to somebody about it.

I can understand if you have a poem like that here or there.  When you are just feeling absolutely down and just have to get some of the pent up feeling out.  But to always write about the exact same thing over and over again.  Bleck.  That is why I can’t get behind some bands.  It seems that there are very few bands that can switch up both the sound of their music and the vocals/lyrics and still turn out something good.  That is what I deem success.  So many of the pop bands all sound the same and have the same damn lyrics.  Then you have those that have extremes in the sound of the music, but the lyrics are aaallllways the same.  That is actually a beef that I have with Blue October.  I started to get into them some time ago, but I swear all he wants to write about is how his ex-wife/girlfriend whatever wronged him.  There is the much more rare form where you have just absolutely astounding lyrics that outshine the music that they are played with.

Back to the emo poems though.  Seriously.  Enough.  Let’s be creative and stop with the whole..

I cut myself to look at the blood

It came out.  Dripped onto the mud

This life is such a drag.

I made my wrist be on the rag.

My girlfriend hates me. What a bitch

I wonder if this cut needs a stitch

Life sucks so bad man

Maybe I will off myself in the can

Like seriously, the blood is still flowing

The dizzyness is growing

I can’t wait to get out of this life

My parents, the homework, girlfriend and strife

Nobody loves me everybody hates me

Guess I will just kill me.

I totally can’t believe that Steve Jobs is dead

I would do anything to bring him back even give him head

Life without his genius is gonna suck even more than before

Gonna slam my head in the door

So good bye for now

Talk to you next time. Or not. Ka-blow

Awesome, right?  No.  Either way.  Here is somebody with a much more beautiful voice than me.

Man his emotion.  Just how happy he looks to be doing what he loves.  I want that.  One more by him.  Just because I can.

Ok.. Two

Maybe I just need to do what my son does and take the leap into more.  Or is that what I’m doing with the coding?  Maybe I need to take two leaps and write code and write fiction.  Make both happen.  Challenge Accepted.

  1. Really liked the music by Ben Solle- such clear, honest words. Loved the cello, too. Sounds like you are heading in the right direction at work; somebody will surely notice your efforts, plus, you are making yourself more marketable. I have been whining about my job, how it feels so stagnant and unrewarding, not to mention frustrating. It’s been time for a change for a good while now, but I’m not even sure which direction I should go. Do you know a good career counselor? 😛 Your son looks like he is having fun in your pic. I love how kids are so in the moment all of the time. I wish we didn’t lose so much of that as we grow up. We just have to make the conscious effort, I guess.

    • I’m truly glad that you liked Ben Sollee, he has become my go-to for good mellow vibes. Well maybe not ‘Just a Few Honest Words’ that one riles up a little bit I suppose… but all the others… 😉 I know what you mean about the job seeming stagnant. I hopped on an opportunity to advance….. 4 years ago and haven’t really moved much since. It is all that much worse when most of it is mind-numbingly ingrained in my head. I have to listen to audio books to keep myself sane, or at least music if I want to get some thinking done. The only good career counselor that I know of is yourself. To truly listen to what your heart and mind are saying and to try and make that happen. Unfortunately that is ever difficult. People are a strange lot. We almost revel in being miserable. We have life easier now than most others and still we can’t seem to be happy. There is always something more to do/get/buy/make/achieve/bigger/better/shinier. You seem like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders though and seem to have a fairly happy and supportive family from what I’ve gleaned from your posts. Best of luck on your getting happier with your career. If all else fails, learn something new. That is what I try to do. Constantly try to learn. The best remedy for problems according to me.

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