Gah, A monkey!

Bet you got really excited there for a minute huh?  All expecting a monkey and what-not.  Well.  There isn’t one, alas.  I wish there were, it would make my reality more interesting as well.  Don’t know if that means more enjoyable with the whole flinging of poo and strength enough to rip my arms off and beat me to death with them…. but it would be more interesting.

So I finished another book the other day and thought I may write a review on it.  The book was suggested to me by Audible or Amazon.  Don’t remember which.  Either way I came across it and did some reading about it.  The book is called Hard Magic by Larry Correia.  That is a link to his own WordPress blog.  It is much better looking than mine.  A lot of what I read about the book compared it to Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.  That got my attention because I thoroughly love those books.

I had a couple Audible credits built up so I grabbed that book and Snuff by Terry Pratchett at the same time.  The Audible narrator Bronson Pinchot did a great job although I must say that his voice for General Pershing made my chest hurt.  Pershing is sick in the book and near death, so his voice needed to sound weak.  Mr. Pinchot gasped out every word from Pershing.  It was fantastic, but as I said, just hearing him do that made me feel as though I too must gasp for air to breathe.

Now on to the story.  I want to make it clear that this book is not the Dresden Files.  A few things I had read said essentially that this story was a rip on Dresden.  Saying that Hard Magic is a rip on the Dresden files is a lot like saying they are the same in that they are in the same sentence.  Beyond that, they both have magic.  If I were to compare it to anything I would have to say it is more along the lines of the X-Men to me.  There are two main groups fighting each other in this, one is for protecting the innocents, the other is for survival of the strongest.  Both recruit magic-enhance people to serve their goals.  The magic doesn’t allow you to do anything you want though, everybody that has access to it is adept in a certain ability.  Some are movers(telekinesis), some heavies(gravity manipulation), fades(walk through walls), jumpers(teleporters), mouths(siren-like powers), and others.  To make you have the same picture in your head as me, the head of the ‘bad guys’ is a Japanese man called The Chairman.  I can only picture him as the Chairman from Iron Chef.  Make fun, but it is the correlation that worked in my head.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  I would say that there were one or two things that bothered me, but it is tough to find a book that wouldn’t.  One of them I am sure will be explained more in later novels, so I don’t think it will actually bother me once they come out.  The other problem was simply a science thing.  Sure, why am I worried about science in a world where magic is possible?  Well… because I am a geek.  And also because this book is kind of a historical fiction in that a lot of the people and places in it actually existed.  There is one part though where one of the heavies uses his power to… well.. turn somebody into mist by slamming down on him the gravity of 50 Earths.  That seems, well, excessive to me.  And maybe like that would do some lasting damage to the Earth and/or its orbit.  I could be wrong, and if so please feel free to correct me.  The story was a good classic good vs evil adventure though.  Mr. Correia isn’t afraid to hurt his characters though so don’t be sad if some of them are no longer around to become attached to.  If you like magic and the early 1900’s then definitely give this book a go.


I feel as though that could be better.  My review that is.  Don’t want to give much away though.  How about you read the thing and then tell me? Eh?  I also started Snuff and am really enjoying it so far.  A lot of it is all that more enjoyable because Pratchett is making fun of married people.  Oh how I can relate.  There is a part where Pratchett talks about Vimes’ wife giving all of her family’s possessions to him when they got married, because she firmly believes in the fact that a man’s name should be on everything that is owned.  This of course comes at the cost that he must come in second for every inter-spousal debate however.

Also.  I got a Kindle.  I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it.  To be fair, they have them for $79 now, and I got a 15% discount on it.  Also, I was planning on getting some programming textbooks that were $30 and up for the physical copies.  They are much cheaper on the Kindle.  So with buying the Kindle and the versions of the books that I wanted, I get more for the same price.  It’s really all about economics.  That and everything is now stored in a highly convenient location that I can store notes and highlight important bits without having to *shudders* write in a book.  I highly dislike writing in or defacing books.  The thought makes me feel ill.  I have already downloaded over 20 books onto it.  That is the other amazing thing, I have only paid for one of those books, one of the textbooks I wanted.  All of the others have come from their Free Classics section.  Lots of books I had never read but meant to are now getting my attention.  I have downloaded Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, The Last Man, Faust, The Mysterious Stranger, The Jungle(believe I read before but been a long time), The Island of Doctor Moreau, Superheroes: The Best of Philosophy, Dracula, Aesop’s Fables, and some other electronics books, and others still.  If you don’t have a Kindle and enjoy reading, get one!



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